Life/Shop Update & Our Mission Trip To Honduras 2022


 I know that I am no longer under the guise as a fashion content creator/blogger (no regrets here!), but since my days of switching careers God has led me down a path of change and perspective. It has been the most refreshing and humbling journey, and I am continually blown away with what He is consistently doing.

Fast forward 2 years: Thanks to some trial and error, and with God's grace and blessing, Honey Soul Shop has grown in full! We will be coming up on our 2 year anniversary and just a few months ago, Justin took the plunge and left his corporate job to work full time with me at the shop--that's a God thing right there! He is a man of faith and wants God to lead the way on things and has since put so much hard work and dedication to get the shop cleaned up & running more smoothly. Since the start of this embroidery/tie dye shop, Justin has been nothing but super supportive of it and its mission and I couldn't have asked for a better partner to do this with!

We are continuously praying for God to guide and stretch us on this small business journey--because we know that without Him, we wouldn't be where we are today. Running a small business isn't always the easiest, but we are ever so grateful for what He has given and shown us along the way!


As you may know, since we started the shop, we give a portion of our proceeds to a couple of non-profits that help fund missionaries that are going out and being examples of Christ and to help rebuild communities in other countries. We strive to give back as much as we can, because we know how important it is to help others and to be a light and shine hope for others to see.

One is JAARS whose mission is to be able to translate the Bible in different languages and help transport missionaries to these communities around the world.

We also donate to G.L.O.W. whose passion for helping communities and their children in Honduras shines through ever so very brightly! Maria is the founder, and we had the pleasure of getting to know her and her team a little better by going on a mission trip with them and our church to Honduras and stay at their missions home, The House of Blessing. It was an eye opening experience to see the kids and the area, and can't wait to talk about it a little more below!



(Justin & I with some of the kiddos from the local school)

At the end of June, we had the opportunity to serve alongside our church & G.L.O.W. Int. Organization in the communities of Honduras! We got to build, grow, connect, and make plenty of memories with one another on this trip. From seeing the joy on the kids faces through the VBS program we volunteered with at Campamento Arca de Cristo to praying and giving provisions for 5 families who are going through extremely difficult circumstances. This was such an eye opening and humbling experience---a time that I will not take for granted.
On the first day we did an excursion for some team building & bonding.

We fully submerged ourselves into some adventure on this day and got to experience firsts by zip lining over the Pulhapanzak Falls & then going down to the bottom of said waterfalls to walk through it!

The zip lining was by far my favorite out of our adrenaline fueled day, and getting to zip line over and in front of the 141 ft tall falls was a surreal experience! After that, we put on some life jackets and made our way down to the bottom of the falls to walk LITERALLY underneath and through it! We were all holding hands while walking through it to make sure we could find our way into the little cove just behind the falls. We can all now say that we have experienced the the powerful pressure of the Pulhapanzak Falls!
The next 3 days we hopped on the bus to the mountains for some special VBS time with over 300 kids.

The first few days at the start of our trip, we volunteered and held a VBS with Campamento Arca de Cristo. Local kids from around the areas and the mountain side came by the bus loads for this very special experience. They had a blast being able to play at all the different stations that we helped manage and they especially enjoyed getting their hands dirty with some tie dye!

It was so much fun playing and having a good time with the kids. We all got up and danced, played a game, sing a few songs, and we even acted out a skit for the kids. Even though there was a language barrier, that didn't stop us from loving on them & making sure that they were having a great time!

A couple of other days, after VBS, we got to spend time at the school and special needs school. These kids sure do have some energy and we loved every bit of it---and we know that they did too!

On our last day we did a prayer walk and visited 5 local families to pray alongside with them and drop off provisions. We heard them tell their stories, what they were currently going through, and their prayer requests. One family in particular, the grandmother of the family openly spoke that even though they had very little she knew confidently that God always provides with what they need. To hear her share her and her family's story was a true testament of what firm faith looks like.

(our group with one of the families)

Being able to remove oneself from typical comforts and to step out and help others was just overwhelmingly humbling. God definitely softened more of my heart during this trip and left me with new appreciation and care for those in need.

I am so thankful to God for all that He has done during the trip and how much of an impact He truly is making in the communities of Honduras. He is making so many moves and I will continue to pray for G.L.O.W. and their hardworking efforts, and for God's continuous provision, healing, and protection.