My Daily Routine With A Newborn...

I've been getting asked a lot on how I'm able to put my makeup on & get ready with a newborn...
So today, I thought I'd share how most of my days go while taking care of Leighton, plus how I'm able to get ready.

Our mornings start pretty early, so I'll start there...
Depending what time we put her to bed (usually between 9 & 10 pm) and how long she sleeps (usually between 2.5 to 3.5 hours) she'll wake up for her first feeding and then I'll change and rock her and put her back to sleep. She'll sleep again for another 3.5 hours or so and wake up again for another feeding. This will go on till about 5:30 or 6 in the morning. By around that time I'll bring her into our room and I'll feed her there.
She usually sleeps a whole lot more when she's in our room. Some days I'll be able to get an extra 2 hours of sleep or on rare occasion, 3!

She'll wake up again, and by this time it's around 8ish in the morning. I'll go change her, feed her, and then head downstairs to greet the dog.
Justin takes Ryleigh to school before Leighton and I get up, so in order for us to communicate on who has fed our dog, Ruby, in the morning, we've resorted to using a small piece of poster board material to let one another know in the morning. One side says, 'FED RUBY' and the other says 'DID NOT FEED RUBY'. I'm always worried about over feeding her, so if Justin has fed her before I wake up, he'll flip it to the 'FED RUBY' side. Once I see that, I flip it back to the 'DID NOT FEED RUBY' so we can start it again the next day. May sound tedious, but it works for us!

After I've greeted Ruby and let her out to potty, I'll put Leighton down in the bouncer chair, or swing, for a bit so that I can start prepping my breakfast. She may whimper here and there, so I'll be going back and forth between prepping and tending to her. Sometimes I'll have to hold her while I eat, but that's if she's having a bit of a rough morning.

After I'm done eating, I'll hold her, talk to her a bit, change her diaper, and feed her. Usually after this feeding she'll be able to take a little nap. This is how I take advantage of the time to get ready.
Since she'll be a little dozy, I'll take her upstairs and strap her into the Mamaroo.
{FYI--we have multiple rocking devices in our house. We keep the Mamaroo upstairs and the swing and bouncing chair downstairs, that way we don't have to constantly move them from place to place.}
While she's in the Mamaroo, I'll have a loud sound playing in the background (she loves the sound of a hairdryer) and that will instantly calm her and put her to sleep. And since her naps can be around 2 hours long, this gives me plenty of time get my face and hair done. 
I have had to adjust my makeup routine to a quicker one so that it gives me extra time to get dressed as well.
I don't get fully ready every single day, but if I need to go out and run errands or create content for the blog, then I will...

...after getting ready, by this time it's almost lunch time.
I'll change her diaper, feed her, and then grab something to eat for myself.
Depending on what I've got going on that day I'll either take Leighton and go to get out of the house for a bit, binge Netflix and Hulu, or try and get some cleaning done.

Leighton has been staying awake more in the afternoons, but when she falls asleep after a feeding, I'll then take advantage of that to do some content creating and catch up on DM's and emails.
Unfortunately, I haven't been too focused on cleaning, just because I've been pretty burnt out lately due to her colic. It will usually hit around the evening time (5 pm or so) and by this point, she's in constant need and not much will calm her down. Justin and I will take turns trying to get her to relax as much as possible so that she can go to bed on a good note.

By this time, it's pretty much all repetition till we put her to bed.
Our nightly routine is feeding her between 9 & 10 pm with the sound machine loudly playing. She prefers the sound of the dryer playing in the background. We will play this sound every night, so that she'll end up associating that sound to her bedtime.
After I feed her, I'll rock her and pat her back till she falls asleep.
Since she's a pretty antsy baby, I'll rock for an extra 20-30 minutes to make sure she's peacefully asleep for when I move her to the crib.

And that's pretty much how our days go!