My Top 15 Baby Products...

The Hatch Sound Machine
Why I love it: This sound machine was the best thing I put on my registry! (Thank you Hilary!) And we use it as part of Leighton's sleep routine. We learned that she does not like the bassinet, so we have moved her to the crib in her nursery. When it's time for night-time, I will have the sound machine play the sound of a dryer and she instantly calms down. I'll nurse and rock her with the sound playing in the background, and after she's done feeding, she's asleep! The sound machine can be controlled by their app on the phone too, which is super convenient & you can put the machine on a timer as well. Since she's waking up in 2-3 hour increments, we just have it constantly playing in the background.

Itzy Ritzy Mini Diaper Backpack
Why I love it: I've traded in my LV tote bag for this convenient diaper backpack! I LOVE IT! I've never really been into backpack purses and such, but this has been a lifesaver for me. Since Leighton is our second, I've learned what to pack and what I actually need to pack when heading out the door for a few hours. And since it's sort of small, it prevents me from unnecessary over packing, but yet there's still enough room and has multiple pockets!

Nose Frida Aspirator & Windi Gaspasser by Frida
Why I love it: OK, when I tell you about the Nose Frida Aspirator, you're going to think it's gross but when you hear your poor baby constantly sniffling and/or horribly congested, you'll do anything to help relieve that pressure. The Nose Frida aka 'Snot Sucker' is a simple device that you gently stick at the opening of your babys nose and then you, the parent, will suck at the top of the connected hose to suck the snot out. Yeah, pretty gross, but there's a filter to prevent any snot getting into the hose. So does it work? ABSOLUTELY! So much better than those nose bulbs, because I've never been able to get anything out with those things. But with the Nose Frida, it has pulled out so much of her congestion and she's able to breathe! If you're still grossed out by it, there are battery operated aspirators out there that you can buy; but based on reviews the Nose Frida works best.

With the Windi Gaspasser, Leighton has been pretty colicky due to gas, so we've used these little devices to help relieve her some. It only works if she's struggling, but thankfully she has been doing a lot better and we haven't had to use them much. When she was struggling to pass gas, we would stick the little contraption in and it would let out a little whistle or 'poof' sound.

Diaper Genie
Why I love it: You'll be amazed how many diapers the diaper genie can contain! Plus it helps with the smell. All you have to do is put one of the diaper bag refills in the opening, step on the foot pedal to open the top of the diaper pail, and toss the dirty diaper in! It makes changing so much easier, and disposing of the full bag is very easy too.

Baby Bum Spatula
Why I love it: If you will be using diaper rash cream, this spatula is a MUST! So easy and flexible to use when apply the cream onto the affected area. It definitely prevents any mess on your hands/fingers and with the spatula you can easily apply it and is super easy to clean too. Bonus, it has a suction bottom to stick the changing table, so you don't have to worry about the spatula end touching any dirty surfaces and such.

Itzy Ritzy Pacifiers
Why I love it: These are the only pacifiers that Leighton likes to use. I've tried a couple others, but the nipples are more stiff for her to suck on. So the itzy ritzy paci's are perfect, because they're soft yet still durable. They also have little holes on the brim so that they can breathe through it.

Dr. Brown's Anti Colic Narrow Bottles
Why I love it: We feel that Leighton's colickyness is due to gas, and since I pump and supplement, we needed to find bottles that reduce air in bottles. We've been using Dr. Brown's Anti Colic Narrow Bottles and have seen a huge difference compared to the Medela ones we've been using.

Posh Peanut Bamboo Rompers
Why I love it: Oh my word, these rompers are so soft and, of course, super adorable! I love the ruffles on the front and on the back of their little tushy! Ive bought the snap closure romper and the zip one. I love that the zipped romper has a safe closure for the zipper, so that it's not exposed.

Kyte Baby Ring Sling
Why I love it: It's a super simple way to carry your baby around! No snaps, buckles, or multiple straps. It does take some practice to work with the sling so you can correctly carry baby in it, and after playing around with it multiple times, I've finally got the hang of it! It's a great way to free up hands and do some cleaning or laundry, while at the same time carrying and comforting your baby.

Itzy Ritzy Stroller Caddy
Why I love it: When you don't feel like digging around in your purse or diaper bag, the stroller caddy is a very convenient way to have your important things in an instant! I've used it to carry my phone, keys, wallet, pacifier, burp cloth, and hand sanitizer, and it has made grabbing these items so much easier while out and about.

Why I love it: Everyone has asked, 'how are you able to get ready for the day?' (i.e. put on make up & do my hair). Well, having the Mamaroo has definitely played a vital role in that! I have it set up by my vanity, and then all I do is place her in there and put it on the rocking setting. She'll just sit there and watch me, and then eventually snooze away. There are sounds that you van play, and there's also a bluetooth setting for you to play songs from your phone. There's also other 'rocking' settings too if you want to switch things up a bit.

Dr. Brown's At Home Bottle Warmer
Why I love it: Whether I've saved up and stored my milk storage in the fridge or if I decided to give my boobs a break and wanted to supplement with formula, this bottle warmer perfectly warms up the bottle just in time for feeding at home. I don't like feeding Leighton cold milk, and warm milk will help keep her relaxed.

The Baby's Brew Portable Bottle Warmer
Why I love it: A super genius invention! I've tried other portable bottle warmers that you use in the car and they do not work, which is such a bummer. But I stumbled upon this brand on IG and had to give it a try totally works! I've used it while out of the house and it's very convenient to have on hand. Just remember to start warming a head of time, before your baby is super hungry and crying uncontrollably. The warmer takes time to warm up the bottle, mainly because it's ensuring safe and even warming in the bottle. They did come out with an upgraded version, and you can now buy it with or without the formula dispenser.

Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier
Why I love it: Since Leighton has been congested, having the humidifier in her room has helped a ton. We got the Vicks brand because there's a little place on the side to place their scented vapopads in. We bought the rosemary, lavender & eucalyptus vapopads to help with her sniffles and for her to be more relaxed for sleep time.

See & Soothe Deluxe Bouncer
Why I love it: Such a life saver because it helps free your hands a little bit while you're getting some work done. I've placed Leighton in it while I'm working on the laptop, and I'll turn on the music and vibration so that she can relax while I work. I can also be sitting on the couch and gently bounce her little seat with the foot pedestal.

Common Product Questions I Get Asked

What breast pump do you use?
What stroller/carseat do you have?
The stroller we use is the Inglesina Aptica Stroller. I got it as the 3-in-1 package, which includes the bassinet & the carseat adapter. It does not come with a carseat, but we have the maxi cosi carseat and it is compatible with the Aptica stroller when you buy the adapter.
I really love the feel and how easily it glides when your walking around. It's also super easy to fold and unfold when taking out of the car.

What diapers do you recommend using?
I love using the Honest brand diapers!

What baby brands are safe (paraben, sulfate, phthtalate free)?
I'll be real with you...I haven't done too much research to find out. I do try to see if it has no parabens or sulfates, but that's about it for now. I haven't educated myself enough to be a reliable source for what's safe and what isn't. I did find this website that has a ton of cheat sheets to safer products, HERE

Do you take any supplements for breastfeeding?
I DO! I have had some real good results using the Sunflower Lecithin by Legendary Milk. When I was breastfeeding with my oldest, Ryleigh, I got mastitis 3 months in and ended up quitting breastfeeding because my supply was drastically decreasing. These supplements are supposed to help prevent mastitis while at the same time enhancing milk supply.