What’s in my Hospital And Baby Bag + Postpartum Recovery...

Today's post is a good one because we're talking all things in depth about baby!
I'll be sharing what's in my hospital bag, baby bag, and what postpartum recovery essentials I will be using.

Not a lot of people talk about postpartum recovery, so I wanted to go through some of the things I already bought to make recovery a much more comfortable experience.

Also, please understand that what I am talking about is based purely off my experience from my first delivery. I never had a c-section, so unfortunately I am unable to talk about what happens or what to expect since I have no knowledge about it.
Know that each baby & delivery is different & if you have any questions, you should always ask your doctor!

My Hospital Bag:
Comfy Pajamas and Robe - It's a good idea to find some comfy pajamas to wear after delivery. If you're breastfeeding, make sure that the pajamas are nursing friendly. I picked these PJs because they're button front. I will also be bringing a soft/comfortable robe for skin-to-skin time with the baby. The hospital may supply one, but the one the hospital gave me was rough & itchy. 
Blanket & Pillow - It can get pretty cold in the hospital and we all know hospital blankets are thin and stiff, so I'll be bringing my Barefoot Dreams blanket to keep comfy. I'll also be bringing my pillow to make myself more comfortable in the room. 
Slippers/Socks - The hospital will provide those gigantic socks with the rubber soles, but I've learned that bringing my own socks will be a lot more comfortable and warm. I will also be packing my slippers too for walking around the room purposes.
Going home outfit (lounge wear) - I promise, after you deliver you will want to be as comfortable as possible! Recovery is sometimes not the easiest, so dress in comfy lounge wear to go home in. After you have the baby, they say that you will still look like you're at least 6-7 months pregnant, so you will probably still need to wear what you wore during your pregnancy. I'm bringing a couple oversized sweatshirts, my maternity leggings, and sweatpants.
Toiletries - Hospitals may provide some, but I feel more comfortable if I brought my own. I will be showering, but I probably won't be washing my hair and will use dry shampoo instead. I'll also be packing up some cleansing/make up remover wipes in case I go into labor with makeup on.
Let's just say that I'll be bringing everything just in case, but let's be real, haha!
Depends - Sounds funny, but here are two good reasons to have them on hand: 
1. If your water breaks naturally, you could leak for a long time. Mine broke with Ryleigh and I soaked through my sweatpants and drove to the hospital sitting on a towel, and it kept going for a while. It's a good idea to put one on when heading to deliver. 
2. After you deliver there's a lot of stuff that happens afterwards. Hospitals give you these really long & absorbent maxi pads that move around out of place every now and then. With depends, at least you know everything is in place and they're going to be easier to wear.
Long phone charging cord - You'll be in bed most of the time and the outlet may not be as close as you like, so bring an extra long phone charger. If you want to be extra prepared, take a portable phone charger with you.
Hair clips & hair ties - Personal preference, but I don't like delivering with hair all up in my face.
Book & laptop - It's good to have something to entertain you if you're going through a long labor. I was in labor with Ryleigh for 20 hours! I just had my phone then, but since I had gone into labor at 1:30 AM I ended up sleeping most of the time once I got an epidural.
Snacks for after delivery - You're not supposed to eat anything when in active labor, I didn't eat anything for over a day and didn't eat until 2-3 hours after I gave birth (kinda sucks); so I'm bringing snacks for after delivery, that way I won't have to wait around for someone to bring me something to eat.

Baby's Bag
Coming home outfit - I packed multiple, but I'm pretty set on this one. If you are delivering when the weather is cold, make sure you pack an outfit that's also warm.
Extra Swaddles - Swaddles are usually provided at the hospital, but I'm bringing my own because I want to be familiar with swaddling Leighton with the ones we will be constantly using. If you're pretty intimidated with swaddling, they make these little swaddle sacks for easier swaddling.
Newborn mittens, hat, & booties - Make sure to bring mittens because when the baby is born, their nails are kind of long and sharp. After Ryleigh was born, she ended up scratching her face, so she had little nail marks on her cheek in her hospital newborn photos. With the hat & booties, it's good to have on hand to make sure your little bundle of joy is all nice and warm for going home.
Momentos for photos - I've got some little milestone blocks and signs for the arrival!
Soft baby blanket - For extra warmth since Leighton will be born towards the end of January (that's if it actually gets cold in NC).
Pacifiers - I'm bringing a couple just in case! With Ryleigh, she never really took to them, but every baby is different so we're going to see if Leighton is going to be a paci baby.

Belly Bandit - Meant to wear after birth to help with healing & recovery. Helps keep your core intact too. (CLICK HERE)
Cooling pads for underwear - Wish I knew about these during postpartum because you will want to feel as much relief 'down there' as you can possibly get. (CLICK HERE)
Depends - (see 'My Hospital Bag' above for info)
Frida Mom Postpartum Kit - Just found this out & it has so many amazing reviews! It's a kit that will help with recovery & also includes this perineal healing foam that's supposed to relieve pain & reduce swelling. (CLICK HERE)
Dermaplast - From my experience after delivering Ryleigh, the hospital also gave me this cooling spray, Dermaplast, for instant cooling relief. I had a hard time with recovery so this helped A TON! (CLICK HERE)
Upside down peri bottle - This may be TMI, but after delivery I dreaded using the restroom. So this peri bottle will help with cleaning needs. (CLICK HERE)
Sitz Bath Soak - Again, another thing I wish I knew about after having my first baby. For me, I love baths (especially for relaxing purposes) and I'm going to use the sitz bath soak to help with recovery and comfort. (CLICK HERE)
Nursing pads - Good to have whether you're nursing or not. If you're not breastfeeding, you won't need them for very long then. (CLICK HERE)
Nipple Cream - Provides relief for breastfeeding, when they start to become dry and itchy. (CLICK HERE)
Nursing bra - If you plan on breastfeeding, it's good to buy a few comfortable nursing bras.
Lactation supplements & snacks - When I was breastfeeding, I had a really hard time producing enough. And within the 3 months of BF, I ended up getting mastitis (fever and everything). After that, I was still having a pretty hard time and ended up calling it quits because I was unable to produce enough. This time around I've been looking into lactation supplements and snacks to take after delivery. I bought some Milkmakers oatmeal chocolate chip cookie snack bags & also bought the Legendary Milk Sunflower Lecithin that's supposed to help breakup any clogged ducts and hopefully prevent mastitis. 

Other Baby Needs
Stroller - I was gifted this 3-in-1 stroller by Inglesina and it comes with a bassinet and portable stand, carseat adapter, and stroller seat for when baby gets older. 
Carseat - This is the one we have that will attach to the stroller.
Carseat mirror - I'm always a worry-wart and need to make sure the baby is all situated correctly in the carseat. The carseat mirror helps my anxiety a lot!
Bassinet - I found this bassinet! I love how modern & stylish it looks, but I also love the fact that the breathable mesh lining is light blocking too. Plus, it can also turn into a rocking bassinet!
Diaper bag and/or Diaper backpack - I bought this diaper bag that has a portable bassinet/changing pad, and then I purchased the Itzy Ritzy mini backpack diaper bag for more on-the-go.
Breast Pump - I'm going to try to use the pump a lot more this time around and I ended up getting the Medela Breast Pump. TIP: check to see if your insurance covers for it. I had no idea with our first, but our insurance company covers the entire cost for 1 pump from their list of selected pumps. I'm sure not all insurance companies do this, but it doesn't hurt to check with them.
Mamaroo - With Ryleigh, she would fall asleep within minutes in the car or swing. The Mamaroo has multiple movement settings. So hopefully this time we won't have to always jump in the car to get little Leighton to sleep, haha.
Diaper Genie - You'll be amazed how many diapers the diaper genie can contain! Plus it helps with the smell.
Portable Changing Pad - If your diaper bag doesn't already come with one, you will want to have this on hand. It helps give a clean space for changing baby when you've got to change them on a public changing table.
Diaper Bag dispenser for On-The-Go - Great to have diaper bags on hand, and this one is portable & can be clipped or tossed in your purse, baby bag, or attached to the stroller.
Boppy Newborn Lounger - We had this with Ryleigh and it was such a lifesaver. I know everyone is bragging about the Dock-a-Tot, but I'm sorry, I'm not willing to pay almost $200 for an infant pillow when I can get either this similar one for a quarter of the price or use the Boppy Newborn Lounger.