Shop With Me: Winter Travel Needs for Baby w/Walmart...

Come shop with me--
Today I'm teaming up with Walmart to share quite a few winter travel must haves for baby!
Our second baby will be on the way this winter, and it's been over 7 years since our oldest was wearing diapers, but thankfully I still remember some serious winter musts to own when traveling with your little bundle of joy.

Whether your traveling by plane or by car, long distant trips can be challenging with someone under the age of 2. There's so much to pack (or over pack) and to think about when you're about to hit the road for trips. And with winter right around the corner, you want to be sure you baby is comfortable and warm.

Below, I went shopping at my local Walmart for our little winter baby and picked up a few things that she will need...

It has been a long time since I've taken care of an infant, and we went through a lot of stuff that we kept from over the years when Ry was a baby and had to update quite a bit of stuff.

I'll be discussing a few of these must have products that were in my shopping cart.

For traveling in the winter months, your baby needs to be bundled up and cozy to stay comfortable. These little humans are a lot more sensitive to extreme temperatures than us adults are, so making sure that your baby is nice and warm is key!
Our baby will be born at the end of January, and usually the end of January and all of February is super cold, so I picked up this adorable plush snowsuit for her.

This is a new one to us. We didn't have this with our daughter Ryleigh when she was an infant, so I am very excited to give the Cozy Cover a try! It's an extra layer of warmth for baby, so if you plan on strolling around outside during your winter trip to somewhere cold, then this will be a perfect way to keep your baby snug.

Two things that will be a huge lifesaver: the portable changing station and wipe dispenser.
This changing station pad is the biggest saving grace when traveling. I can't tell you how many times I've gone into a restroom and there's no changing station, or that the changing station was not very trusting. With this portable pad, you will give yourself a peace of mind knowing that your baby has a clean and sanitized place to get changed on.

Next, the wipe dispenser. With wipes getting stuffed into a diaper bag (because lets be honest, over time you're not going to care if your diaper bag is super organized) they'll end up getting kind of scrunched or worse, you end up losing the little plastic piece that closes the package to prevent your wipes from drying out. This wipe dispenser will help ease those frustrations. You can carry it in the diaper bag, your purse, or even attach it to the stroller for more convenience. 

One thing I know I need is a new diaper bag. I've taken a lesson from our first and have come to realize that big diaper tote bags are a little more inconvenient for day outings. They're great for traveling in the car or for over night trips, but if you're going to be out and about for a few hours I highly recommend looking into a diaper backpack as well.
(I found this one that has a ton of storage space and pockets. I actually ended up buying the Itzy Ritzy mini bag off of Walmart's website & I love it!)

I've also created a clickable collage below featuring more products that are perfect for winter travel:

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