Home Gift Guide From Amazon...

1. Leopard Print Throw Blanket: This super soft & fuzzy throw blanket is perfect for the homebody, or for someone who just has throw blankets in almost every room! Add this one to their (or your) collection & I promise you won't be sorry. I actually have this one pictured below, & I love it! Great quality, super sturdy, and very comfy to snuggle in. It is double sided, so you have the top fuzzy leopard print layer & then a more velour feeling under layer to contrast.

2. Gold/Marble Coasters: Chic up your kitchen or living room coffee table with these sleek marble coasters with gold trim. I have a set myself & love the sturdiness of them! They're a great way to spruce up the coffee table & would even make a great house warming gift!

3. Gold Photo Frame: I obviously have a thing for gold, & I absolutely love this photo frame! I bought this a few months back to hold one of our favorite photos from London & it is the perfect size too! It's a 8x10 frame & you're supposed to frame a 5x7 photo in it to give it the illusion of floating, but our photo is 7x9 & it still looks fantastic!

4. Gold Utensils: Another great gift idea for someone who's heavily into modern home decor! I love how sleek these gold utensils look & would definitely class up a holiday dinner.

5. 2 Pack Tiles: Ok, I lose my keys (& phone) all the time! I mostly lose them in the house or in my purse, haha! So I ended up purchasing these two tiles for this exact reason & so that I can find them without the anxiety. What's great about these tiles, is that you can attach them to anything that you tend to lose on the daily. Set up is easy too!

6. Mini Instant Pot: Justin & I got the mini Instant Pot as a wedding gift years back & we use it for our spicy sausage cheese dip (which is great for game days or family gatherings). It's a fast & easy way to cook sides like rice, beans, & even your favorite soup. If you get the bigger version of the Instant Pot, you'll be able to cook even more!

7. The Keurig Coffee/Latte/Cappuccino maker: I bought this months back after our small Keurig died unexpectantly and this coffee maker is the best one yet from them! We also have an actual pressed espresso machine, but getting the beans ground to the right consistency was such a hassel, plus the frother worked funny. But with this Keurig all-in-one coffee maker, it comes with a frother where all you do is pour the milk in, press a button and it does the work for you! That's my kind of kitchen appliance! It's retail price is $200 but it is currently on sale for: $169.99 (for the charcoal color) and $189.99 (for the nickel finish).

8. 'Home Sweet Home' Doormat: Love how versatile this mat is throughout the seasons. If you know a friend or family member who likes keeping a pretty porch, this would be the perfect gift for them!

9. Double Cereal Dispenser: Oh goodness, I love this simple contraption! I have my cereal on one side & my daughters on the other. All you do is empty your cereal box into the dispenser & then turn the knob to pour out the cereal into your bowl. There's a little plug at the bottom of the dispensers so that your cereal won't go stale. It's a great convenience & saves space in your pantry.

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