Amazon Gift Guide For Her...

I've been trying to up my game a little bit more with gift guides this year, but unfortunately I have been falling short. Sorry! And since it's only 3 weeks till Christmas, and with me being somewhat of a last minute shopper, I've decided to do a few gift guides from Amazon!

Today I'm sharing just a few things that would make great gifts for HER!
Everything should be prime (but sometimes things get sold out quickly) & I have also talked a little bit about each product below, just for a little more clarification. 
note: top & leggings are NOT from Amazon, but I do have them linked HERE

1. The Keurig Coffee/Latte/Cappuccino maker: I bought this months back after our small Keurig died unexpectantly and this coffee maker is the best one yet from them! We also have an actual pressed espresso machine, but getting the beans ground to the right consistency was such a hassel, plus the frother worked funny. But with this Keurig all-in-one coffee maker, it comes with a frother where all you do is pour the milk in, press a button and it does the work for you! That's my kind of kitchen appliance! It's retail price is $200 but it is currently on sale for: $169.99 + a $20 off coupon! 

2. His & Her mugs: To go with that coffee maker, why not throw in some adorable His & Her mugs! I honestly would love to get this, but my husband is not much of a coffee drinker. But if your hubby (or if you're a hubby reading this) then this would make a great gift for under the tree!

3. Amazon Essentials Puffer Jacket: I actually just bought this one for myself yesterday, so I don't have it yet, but the reviews seem very promising. It's a lightweight packable puffer jacket & I love the length on this! I don't own a puffer coat that's longer in length, but this one seems pretty affordable & versatile for when the days start getting colder.

4. Lighted Mirror: I have a similar version, but I can't tell you how much a lighted mirror can come in handy when it comes to precision of makeup, haha! There are other types of lighted mirrors too---THIS is the one that I currently own & it's only $16 too. 

5. Revlon One Step Hair Drying Round Brush: In my personal opinion, this has got to be the best invention ever! I have such a hard time drying my hair while also using a round brush, that it just ends up tangling my hair (that & my arms always get tired) & with this Hair Drying Round Brush it saves the day! I've been able to volumize my straight hair & wear it down a lot more while also reducing the amount of heat applied to my hair. I'm super thankful for this little beauty appliance!

6. Leopard Print Throw Blanket: This super soft & fuzzy throw blanket is perfect for the homebody, or for someone who just has throw blankets in almost every room! Add this one to their (or your) collection & I promise you won't be sorry. I actually have this one pictured below, & I love it! Great quality, super sturdy, and very comfy to snuggle in. It is double sided, so you have the top fuzzy leopard print layer & then a more velour feeling under layer to contrast. The blanket is now on sale for $28.99!

7. Fuzzy Animal Slipper Socks: How fun are these cuties?! I love wearing soft slipper socks around the house & these would make a great stocking stuffer of course! 

8. Designer Inspired Link Bracelet: Currently wearing this bracelet now & have been continually wearing it for the last year or so! I'm actually shocked at how well made this bracelet is & that the gold hasn't rubbed off yet! Usually, with bracelets like this, the coloring comes off or fades, but not this one. With the proper care, it should totally last you a long while.

9. Memory Foam Fuzzy Slippers: Ok, so these look almost identical to the UGG brand ones. I own this pair & the Ugg ones & I absolutely love both of them! These dupe slippers are very fuzzy & comfy on the inside and fit pretty true to size too. So instead of paying over $80 for a pair of name brand slippers, you can give these off brand ones a try for only $17!

10. Designer Inspired Checkered Crossbody: Looks pretty identical to the real deal, but will save you a bunch of pennies! I just ordered this & haven't received it yet, but once I do I will make sure to come back here & write about the quality.

11. Funny Doormat: Alright, with this gift you have to have a sense of humor, haha! If you live in a decent sized neighborhood with an HOA, chances are your neighborhood has a group facebook page. Don't get me wrong, everyone that I've met in the neighborhood is very friendly & nice, but when it comes to having a group facebook page, there's always someone complaining about something that we all have no real control over. 
I just thought I'd throw this funny little gag gift in here because it's probably the most relatable thing I've ever seen!