5 Ways To Style Your Plaid Flannel Shirt...

Hello again!
So, being a little over 7 months pregnant, wearing types of clothing has been pretty limited. I would wear some maternity, but a lot of them don't fit my frame/height very well, so I've had to improvise with going up one or two sizes in everything (especially in pants, haha).
I also try to stay super comfortable as much as possible. I mean, it's already hard enough walking up stairs or trying to put on shoes! There have been a few trusty pieces in my closet that I seem to wear a lot as of recently: leggings, my favorite basic long sleeve tee (sized up to a medium), and my soft & cozy flannel shirt.
Like I said, I've been pretty limited, so I have to be a little bit more creative and come up with different outfits to help restyle my favorites.
Today I'm sharing 5 easy ways to style your plaid flannel shirt. This blog post is for everyone, not just maternity, so if you're looking for a fresh new way to spice up your flannel, here are just a few ways:

This way is pretty classic! I worked at J.Crew Factory back in the day, and this was what the majority of us did: layer a sweater over a plaid shirt/flannel. It works though! It cleans up & polishes your flannel. Pair it with some leggings a OTK boots for an edgier look!

This is way simple and easy to do for sure: add a warm outer vest over your flannel for that outdoorsy look! You can even switch out the leggings and replace it with jeans and black duck boots.

Want to dress it up a bit? I highly recommend tucking in your shirt into an adorable pleated skirt for a dressier approach (you can even strap a statement belt around your waist to complete your outfit). This look would also be great for holiday parties as well! 

Treat your flannel like a jacket. If you like that cozy over layered look, look no further! Leaving your flannel open and styling it as a jacket can really help add some flare to a simple basic tee this season.

Finally, let's go for a dressy-casual look. Instead of a vest, I switched it out for a velvet black moto jacket for an edgy look. Wearing a dressier jacket over your flannel will scream date night and will be great for any special & casual occasion. 

(this is my favorite flannel shirt HERE)
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