My Stay at the Lodge on Lake Lure...

You may be familiar with the little town of Lake Lure, NC due to the success of the classic movie, 'Dirty Dancing.' Although a lot of those famous spots are no longer around or accessible, I promise you, Lake Lure has so much to offer when it comes to a peaceful weekend getaway from city life.

I've passed through the town a couple times throughout my life, on the way back home, and every time it was around late September or early October when the trees were still green. But this time, I was so grateful to be able to stay at The Lodge on Lake Lure right at peak time in fall...and it is GORGEOUS!

Just a few small twists and turns on the mountain bends, and right off a small gravel road, The Lodge is nestled in right on the lake and surrounded by gorgeous leaf changing trees! You get quite the view when you venture out onto their back patio...but more on that later!

Like I mentioned before, those so many scenic views throughout the property. You will be able to really soak in the natural beauty of fall when you visit The Lodge on Lake Lure!

The room was absolutely cozy and super roomy! It gave off that 'cozy cabin in the woods' kind of feel, and I couldn't be more happy with that!

The room even included a little fireplace! It got pretty cold at night, so I lit it up in the evening to get the room nice and toasty.

I was very fortunate and super grateful that the room had a patio! It was also super convenient too since the patio had steps that led out onto a few gravel paths that led to the back towards the lake, and to the front where the parking is located.

The main areas in the Lodge include a couple of open common areas that have cozy fireplaces and comfy couches that will make you want to curl up and read a good book (or scroll around on your phone, haha). In this main room, there is also a piano that guests can play at their own leisure.

They also have their own restaurant called Treetops and the food is farm to table and absolutely delicious! I had their homemade lasagna, and I pretty much destroyed the entire dish! I was so stuffed! They even have this really good sweet potato crispy gnocchi that I HIGHLY recommend!

And now for the lake and mountain-esque views!

How can you let any worry get you down with a view like this!?
Seriously, I could have just sat out here for hours, just to clear my mind, recharge, and take in all the leafy mountains right here on the lake.

It was so quiet and serene out on the lake!

This place is a one of a kind getaway, and a great place to unwind and get in touch with Lake Lure's natural beauty. 

I do want to mention that The Lodge on Lake Lure is a part of Tryon Resort and you will be able to access even more amenities that are in the area! We were able to take advantage of it and got to visit Tryon International Equestrian Center (about 20 mins away from The Lodge) and met a couple horses that were privately owned and practicing for their next show. It really made me miss my equestrian days as a kid--I was actually pretty good at it and LOVED being close to all the horses.

This guy was super friendly and kept nuzzling me for more head pats. The owner said he loves the attention!

We also met up with this beauty who is only 3 years old and was enjoying being out and running around during practice before his show came up.

At the equestrian property, they have a list of places to eat at, so we grabbed breakfast right then and there during our visit.


There is so much to do that's in or around the area!

-Head downtown Lake Lure and visit their sandy beach & boardwalk.
-Visit the Inn that the actors, Patrick Swazye & Jennifer Grey, stayed at while during their filming of Dirty Dancing.
-Rent a Kayak and take it out on the Lake
-Check out their Flower Bridge (they created a local garden on an old bridge of theirs)
-Golf or Clay shoot at Tryon Resort
-Take a boat cruise (you will also get to see the steps that Baby, from Dirty Dancing, danced down)
-Go horseback riding
-Visit and hike Chimney Rock State Park, and after park your car outside the state park in their little town and do some shopping.
-Also, walk down to Chimney Rock's Riverwalk
-Drive out to Asheville and visit The Biltmore

*see more things to do HERE*

To book your stay at The Lodge on Lake Lure, BOOK HERE

Huge thank you to everyone at The Lodge on Lake Lure & at Tryon Resort for making this such a relaxing and fun experience!


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