The Hype On Spanx Faux Leather Leggings...

I'd first like to say that this is in no way sponsored by Spanx. 
I just honestly love my faux leather spanx, and I got a few messages & comments from followers who asked if they're really all that amazing. Valid question, especially since they're pretty pricey for a pair of leggings. I totally get it because even I was hesitant at first. But after buying my first pair and wearing them a few times, I knew I was going to get my moneys worth & that the outfit styles would be practically endless!

So my true thoughts on the ever so hyped Faux Leather Leggings:

-I love how they fit, they're super slimming! To be blatant, there's no bunching in the front & since they are high waisted, they're able to smooth out everything around the waist area. 

-They come in different types & sizes now! Even petite (HERE) and maternity (HERE) sizes! When I bought them a while back, they didn't have the petite option; but after I have our little baby & get back to my usual size, I'll be sure to buy a new pair that is petite length. They also come in maternity! I do not really recommend wearing non-maternity leggings further along in pregnancy...the waist will start rolling and will be too tight & uncomfortable around your bump. I do recommend that if you plan on having multiple kids, get the maternity pair. I would get them myself, but this is our second & last pregnancy, so I don't think I'll get my moneys worth out of them in the mean time.

-I like how it's considered faux leather, but it's like a subtle gloss like leather. It's not too shiny to where it's noticeably "leather" and it has a better quality feel to it too.

-As mentioned before, the outfit options are endless! I also received messages from girls on how to style them & other creative ways to pair these leggings. So below I've listed past & present ways I've styled my faux leather leggings...

Have a favorite tunic sweater? Trade your jeans for the faux leather leggings & pair with cute pointed mules for a dressier look!

If you're petite & you tend to have problems with sweaters being too long, just throw the leggings on underneath & pair with cute OTK or knee high boots for a casual fall outfit!

The best thing about these leggings, is that there's no bunching or lines to be seen through them. You could easily wear them as pants (if you like) and pair it with a semi-long tshirt with an oversized cardigan thrown over.

You can even give them an athleisure look! They're comfortable enough to wear while out for a brisk hike or just to easily wear around in the house.

This is my all time favorite look! I have this dressy tunic shirt, but was able to dial it down for a more weekend appropriate look with a denim jacket & sneakers.

Just another casual/athleisure look to give you ideas for a trip to the mall or to run errands in.

Ponchos are huge in the fall & winter time & for me, personally, I think they look so much better being styled with these slimming faux leather leggings.

Keep things comfy & cozy with a fleece pullover!

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