My Trip To Tallahassee, FL...

Heading to Florida anytime soon? If you're looking for a different change in scenery, other than the touristy areas of the peninsula, I definitely suggest spending a weekend in the states capital: Tallahassee!

It's filled with good food, brews, shopping, and history. I went along with a fun Visit Tallahassee group and we had a super packed weekend around the city limits! 

When we landed and settled in our hotel room, we headed out for drinks (or a mocktail in my case) at Level 8 Lounge. Located at the top of Hotel Duval, they have a huge rooftop bar that oversees the city & is a great place for friends to get together and catch up. We were able to mingle a little and get to know one another before our busy weekend plans!

(hearth & soul)

If you're the person who loves to indulge in a shopping trip, while on vacation, the shops here don't disappoint! We stopped at quite a few places: Hearth & Soul, Coton Colors, and even some touristy gift shops! Hearth & Soul had to be my favorite because it has a bunch of curated pieces that are great for the home, kitchen, and your closet!

There's a lot of history in Tallahassee! We did a couple tours to learn more about the history of the area and I sure did learn a lot! I always find it fascinating and educating. 

We did a little history home tour at the Grove Museum & on our last day, before we left, we toured the Florida Historic Capitol Museum.  

If you want to try something different, or have a thing for all things vintage, I highly recommend stopping and shopping at Railroad Square! This was definitely a highlight because I have never seen anything like this before. Just beside the railroad tracks is their art district that is filled with vintage shops, galleries, and a couple places to snack at. It is definitely a unique area and filled with all things out of the ordinary!

Besides shopping & learning about the history, we were able to take in all things nature.
We explored Wakulla Springs and took a river boat out to see the sights and spot some alligators!
There were so many of them too!

If you're college aged or just looking for a place for good drinks & good times, you need to check out College Town! The area is super nice and lined with places to eat, drink, and catch up with friends!


Looking for a donut shop to savor that sweet tooth?  SoDough Baking Co. is definitely the place! They have so many different kinds and flavors--including: strawberry lavender, cherry almond, cookies & cream, and more! They also have savory items such as biscuits and sandwiches. This place is highly recommended!

Looking for a savory lunch spot? Jeri's Midtown Cafe was a big hit with the group! All their ingredients are locally grown and the dishes here taste phenomenal! I had their shrimp & grits with a blueberry corn muffin on the side (a unique approach to a southern classic). Once you walk in, you can tell that the environment is surrounded with good people & filled with love!

On another one of our days, we had lunch at Sage. We tried so many different appetizers (my favorite had to be the crab cakes) and everyone had a different dish for lunch--I had their friend chicken sandwich. 
Funny story: they serve escargot here, and a lot of us had never tried it (I had an excuse not to try it) but everyone else got to experience what it was like to eat slugs. It was so fun watching everyones expressions, haha!

mmmm...breakfast fooooood!

On our last day, we ate breakfast at Table 23. I highly, highly recommend this place for breakfast/brunch! Oh my word, I was in food heaven! Even though I had a simple entree that was just eggs, potatoes, and a parfait, it was still a filling dish and I devoured the whole thing!
They also serve lunch & dinner. 

I love going to french bakeries & I was so excited to go to Au Peche Mignon French Pastry Shop! They have so many goodies to choose from, that it was super hard to decide what I wanted to eat.
I ended up snacking on a french macaron, cherry almond croissant, and a delicious nonfat latte.

Here we are outside of Il Lusso. If you're looking for a nicer place to go out to eat one night, this place has amazing dinner options!

A huge favorite of the group was dinner at Backwoods Crossing! The story on how this place works is so unique, because they grow most of their ingredients right on the property. There is a garden behind the restaurant and we took a small little tour to see how they grow things and what dishes it can be used for. The have a huge rabbit & chicken coop too for eggs and fertilizer. 


Where we stayed:

Where we ate:

What we did:
-Took a river boat at Wakulla Springs
-Shopping at Hearth & Soul
-Shopping at Coton Colors
-Walked around College Town
-Explore the Grove Museum
-Zipline at the Tallahassee Museum
-Shop & explore Railroad Square
-Tour the Florida Historic Capitol Museum


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