Getting Ready For Baby w/Walmart + Nursery Sneak Peek...

Happy Thursday!
Today I am teaming up with Walmart to celebrate their 20th anniversary of the Parent's Choice brand!
We used a lot of Parent's Choice with our oldest daughter, Ryleigh, & will be doing the same with our second little baby that's on the way in January 2020.

They have a large selection of newborn & baby essentials! It can definitely be overwhelming at times when shopping for baby, but just know that the Parent's Choice brand will still give you safe quality items for your little bundle of joy. 

And as an experienced parent, my husband & I also know that buying diapers, wipes, creams, & etc can also add up over time; so know that PC comes at a super affordable cost, that will let you parents sleep well at night (or whatever sleep you can get once baby comes!)

This may be the second baby, but it has been over 7 years & already so much has changed since our oldest was born. We're obviously a little rusty & will have to start from scratch with a few must have newborn essentials. Thankfully, our local Walmart is just down the street from us, so if we're ever out of something last minute (like diapers or wipes), I'll just have Justin do an emergency run over there!

Starting to stock up on the essentials: diapers, wipes, face/body wipes, diaper rash cream, shampoo/body wash, & bibs

After Ryleigh was born, we ended up giving away our baby changing table/dresser. This time, we opted for something a little more compact & simple that wouldn't take up too much room in the nursery. We purchased this changing table from Walmart as well & then added a couple of wicker baskets for storage.

Just a little parenting tip: If you just found out you're pregnant, go ahead and start stocking up on diapers! Justin & I have been buying boxes/packs of diapers each week to help get us started in the beginning after the baby is born.

Same with wipes. Just go ahead and start buying wipes. You can get different kinds if you like to see which you'd like better for your baby. If you end up having left overs of wipes that you're not necessarily a fan of, you can either donate the unopened packs or use them for yourself & the rest of the family--they never hurt to have on hand just in case!

Here's just a little sneak peek of the corner of our baby's nursery.
Both the glider & pouf are from Walmart.

Give me all the newborn baby clothes!

Parent's Choice also has a line of baby bedding essentials! How awesome!? I picked up this super soft blanket the other day to coordinate with the nursery. 

If you want to see the full categories of the Parent's Choice brand, check it out HERE

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thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post

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