Random Things From Amazon That I'm Loving...

Sharing a handful of things from Amazon that I have been loving recently! And no, it's not just clothes, haha! The majority of my purchases from Amazon have been home good things (i.e. USB/Outlet adapter, laptop mouse, stick vacuum, etc.) I'm currently using those things now, as we speak, and can't help but share them!


Some things I just wanted to touch on that you may be wondering about:
Stick vacuum cleaner: I was super hesitant on this one, but desperately needed something that could get the job done quickly. We own a monster vac, but it's a pain in the butt to constantly clean out (we have one of those wet vacs) and I wanted something that could also be easy to clean afterwards. So I pulled the trigger and bought this vacuum (I bought the pink color). After a couple of uses, I got the hang of figuring out the suction settings and how to clean it properly. Suction isn't bad but, again, this isn't a monster vac so it's great to pick up those tedious messes like constant dog/cat hair or fallen/spilt dry food.
USB/Outlet charger adapter: We have SOOO many phone/tablet chargers just lying around the house. And since those chargers come with the detachable outlet plug, sometimes those things get lost and we end up scouring the house for another one. Well, tbh, I was done with that! I found this outlet adapter that comes with USB stations! I love it! My phone and our daughters tablet is hooked up to it right now!
LV Emilee dupe wallet: It really does look & feel like the real thing...except it is a dupe! And since it is a knock off, there are still going to be things that are off. I didn't expect this to be perfect, but I was very surprised by the quality. It also has a lot of storage space for a large wallet!
Champagne gold console table: So we actually have this style of table in the coffee table & side table in our living room. Originally we had this tiny black & gold side table, from our old place, next to our hallway door, but it looked so small there. I finally found the matching console table to replace the old one. It's such an easy set up and has a lot of table spaces, both top, middle, and bottom!
Leopard silk PJ's: Sometimes, Amazon clothing pieces can be hit or miss & I was very pleased with this silky pajama set! Oh my goodness, wearing it to bed is like a dream! Very soft & silky, not rough at all! It does fit true to size. Since I'm 4 months pregnant, I went up a size to a small.