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So I thought I'd come on here and talk about my most recent trip to Dallas for the rewardStyle Conference. When I got the invitation to go, I was so excited beyond words! It was a goal of mine for this year to go, and I can now happily say that that goal has been met & that I'm ready for the next one!

Even though I was so excited to go, I still had reservations about going. I didn't know who all was taking the trip to go, and I was sort of nervous to ask others to see if they were in attendance too. I'm an introvert when it comes to social situations. Not that I'm not willing to put myself out there, but I'm always afraid I'm going to say something that doesn't make sense, and be taken as weird or awkward. Thankfully, I have put myself in more extroverted situations to where I have gained more self awareness and will simply laugh off my quirks. I have definitely grown from just putting myself out there!

I guess a big thing with me, is that being social takes up A LOT of my energy. I hate to even admit that, and I even feel guilty for not giving my full focus or energy to others, but it can be quite draining.  During the conference, they had a Heart-to-Heart segment, where they had a group of bloggers talk amongst each other & get to know ones story, & share any tips that we may have. Towards the end of the segment, someone mentioned about giving our best YES when it comes to collaborations. Sometimes we can get caught up in the excitement of working on collaborations with brands by saying yes to too many. By saying yes to multiple campaigns that are piled up on one another, are we able to give our best to these companies? Are we being authentic? By doing this, we aren't giving our full energy or focus to the brands that we care the most about.
But, where I was going with this--I actually had to leave the eBay party that they held on the second night. I had a horrible headache & wasn't feeling myself. I felt like I was pushing myself on empty by the end of the day. I ended up leaving the party early so that I can rest up and be my better self the next day. I wanted to give my full energy to the last day of the conference. I knew that the final day was going to be a big one, & I wanted to be fully focused & energized. I'm so glad that I did call it an early night, because I was so pumped & ready the next day!
Just know, that it's ok to say NO so that you can give your best YES!

Overall, I had such a fun experience! I met so many new people & familiar faces, & I'm happy that I got to push myself to new things! Not only was this an informative conference, but I also got to know a little more about myself! :)

*click on photos for outfit details*

Wore this romper on the first night during the Sole Society rooftop pool party!
*wearing a size small*

I LOVE a cute pleated skirt, & I was so excited to wear it the next morning to start off the second day of the conference!

Wore this daring little spring dress to the Mary Kay luncheon!
*I'm wearing an xs & the front tie is adjustable*

Didn't get to wear this two piece set for long--originally wore this to the eBay afterparty, but had to cut it short so I could rest up. Still a super cute spring/summer set!

I love the paperbag trend, & I was so happy to have stumbled upon this cute striped skirt! It even comes with the woven belt too!

It started getting a little dreary outside on the final day, so I wanted to be comfortable during lunch time. I wore this super soft maxi tank dress to the JCPenny luncheon.

The final look for the night!
I wore this flattering white romper to the finale party!

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