Dog Friendly Places in St Simons Island, GA...

Last weekend we spent some family fun down at St Simons Island!
I've always tried to stop in the area whenever we visit our friends down in Florida, but this time we wanted to actually stay for a few nights and really see the area. We love it more now & plan on making this a traditional thing! It's the perfect place to visit as a family, & the best area to bring your pup!

Justin & I have grown up with dogs our entire lives. I can't speak for him, but with my family we never took our pets on vacation with us. Mainly because we always had someone available to watch them while we were gone. Now that we are on our own, & that Ryleigh is old enough, we have taken in a furry family member of our own, Ruby! She's a very family oriented dog & LOVES being by our side, so of course we want to bring her along on our trips as much as we can!

Just another reason to love St. Simons's dog friendly at most places! Even the beach!
Today I'm listing all the things you can do in St Simons with your pup by your side.
Scroll below to see more :)

Strolled around Sea Island Resort and soaked in the all the beauty that this resort has to offer!
We walked around and looked at all the beautiful homes/residences in the area & checked out some more views!

Ruby LOVED the beach! This was a great place to get her out of the hotel room & just enjoy the outdoors. We would run with her, let her dig (of course fill those holes back up so no one gets hurt, haha), play in the water, & socialize with other doggies.

This was actually the perfect place to bring her to become more socialized with other dogs & people. Everyone was so nice & friendly, & just wanted to pet Ruby. Even other dogs wanted to greet her. She's still getting acclimated, & I think this was a great opportunity to do so!

We were able to enjoy the sunshine with Ruby by our side at the Palm Coast Cafe!
Food there was SO good & fresh!

The Inn at Sea Island is super pet friendly!
We forgot to bring bowls for Ruby's food, so the hotel gave us some to use, as well as a Sea Island dog placemat to give Ruby a clean space for her to eat and drink. They also have a pet menu too!

We walked all over Neptune Park! Ryleigh loved their huge playground and spent quite a bit of time learning how to hold on to the monkey bars.

Places to stay that are dog friendly:
Note that all hotels have different policies and there may be some fees that apply to have your dog stay + there may be weight limits

-The Inn at Sea Island
-Sea Island Resort
-The King & Prince Beach Resort
-Ocean Lodge
(also check airbnb if you want something more private)

Places to eat that are dog friendly:
Note that they all require outdoor seating for eating with your pup. If you plan to visit, it's best to visit when the weather is gorgeous outside! If you're not sure, it's always best to call ahead to find out.

-Iguanas Seafood
-Gnat's Landing
-Palm Coast
-Barbara Jean's
-Moo Cow Ice Cream
(find a full list here

Things to do:
Depending where you go, or what shops you go into, it's best to ask prior before entering.

-Have a day at East Beach
(this beach is super dog friendly, they can be off the leash but MUST be controlled. We had Ruby on the leash because she's still a puppy & learning. Read more on their policy here)
-If you have kids or want to enjoy a picnic, visit Massengale Park
-Walk around the shops in Pier Village
(there are some shops where you're allowed to walk your dog in)
-Take a stroll around Neptune Park & check out the lighthouse
-Frederica Park has its own dog park
-Explore the Golden Isle Nature Trail

Now, if you want to do some things without your dog St. Simons Island also has a doggy boarding!
Ruby is crate trained, & we brought her crate with us so that we could have a night out for dinner & a movie.


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