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Happy Friday!
Today I've partnered up with Versona to talk a little about gifts for your bestie. There are so many good little gifts that you can stock up on for your bff for the holidays! Below, I've created a list of things that I'm certain she'll love and thank you for:

Cozy Sweaters - If you like being warm & cozy in a comfy sweater, then chances are your bestie does too! Whether it's a cardigan or a pullover, you can never go wrong with gifting her a stylish sweater for the winter season. If you're wondering, a chenille sweater is always a safe bet too--here are a few of my favorites: option 1 || option 2 || option 3

Pampering Gifts - Who doesn't like a little self pampering? I always look forward to getting any bath & body gifts like: nail polish, bath bombs, face masks, etc. And I'm sure your bff does too. Also, you can't forget candles! Version carries these little 'Unwind' gift sets that include a eye mask, fluffy socks, & a scented votive candle.

Cold Weather Accessories - Temps have been dropping like crazy, and it's only going to get colder until spring makes its way. So why not gift a few cold weather accessories!? If you and your best are planning a cold weather trip after the holidays, why not twin it out in an adorable chenille beanie or fuzzy earmuffs!? Version also carries a variety of scarves and ponchos to really complete an winter outfit.

Bags/Coin Purses - If you've noticed that your homegirl carries different bags during the week, or has trouble keeping up with loose change, a chic handbag or coin purse will come in handy and show just how well you know her! Versona carries purses for all occasions, so I'm sure you can find one that best represents your bestie.

Comfy Athleisure - If you and your bff are binge watching Gossip Girl and The Office episodes on Netflix, then chances are ya'll are wearing some type of athleisure wear. And maybe it's time to switch it up with some super cute pieces from Versona. They have a whole page dedicated to athleisure outfits and I'm certainly crushing on this pom-pom hoodie! You also don't want to forget to snag this fleece jacket/cardigan for your gal-pal (but also one for yourself!)

*thank you Versona for sponsoring this post*

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