Hotel Review: Unscripted Durham...

So last month, our family had the pleasure of staying at Unscripted Durham Hotel! This hotel isn't your average/ordinary place to stay -- this vintage inspired hotel has a modern twist to it that is full of vibrant colors and personality! There's so much detail that goes into creating this boutique hotel, and today I'm recapping a few things that stood out the most with our stay!

I don't know about you, but I love it when hotels have their room key cards personalized like this! It goes to show that they get creative with every detail!

Love that they had floor mats throughout the hotel that made you feel very welcomed!

I ended up taking a ton of photos of the first floor! I mean, everything is so visually appealing that I couldn't help BUT take photos. It was hard to narrow down my favorites for today's blog post, haha!

This is the lobby area where they have a chic cocktail bar, comfy chairs, and a perfect atmosphere for socializing with your friends or simply getting comfortable while you do some last minute work on your laptop. I thoroughly enjoyed the aesthetic on the first floor!

Like I said before, they're whole theme is modern day vintage, and I'm so obsessed!
Their retro vibe game is strong!

...And on to the food!

We ended up arriving to the hotel a little early, so while we waited for our room to be ready, the hotel suggested that we grabbed a bite to eat on The Patio! It's a full rooftop restaurant and they had some tasty suggestions on their menu! Their french fries were a hit amongst our family for sure!

There's a coffee bar called 'All Day' on the first floor as you can guess what I had first thing in the morning--a good ol' cup of coffee! And check out their composition style coffee cups!!! Sooooo clever!

The afternoon was too crowded for the pool, so we opted to walk around those Durham City streets, and ended up getting some ice cream across the street! So good! But once the sun was starting to go down, it was the perfect opportunity to hop into the rooftop pool! Ryleigh had a blast and enjoyed the giant floats that the hotel provides!

We also took advantage of an early morning dip in the pool before we hit the road to head back home!

We certainly enjoyed our stay at Unscripted, and I highly recommend enjoying a weekend there if you're in the area and looking for a pretty hip place to stay at! Or even if you're looking for a simple staycation, Unscripted would be the perfect place!

Hotel Amenities:
-Rooftop Pool
-The Patio (lunch/dinner by the pool; there's also a bar near the pool too)
-All Day (coffee bar)
-The Studio (in the lobby area, good place to grab drinks)

*thank you Unscripted for our stay!