Why I Started My Blog +The $27 Embroidered Top...

embroidered bell sleeve top -- on sale for $27!!! (short sleeve version HERE) || free people busted knee dark wash jeans (light wash HERE) || peep toe booties (affordable version under $60 HERE) || small coin necklace || gold hoop earrings || try THIS bag

Happy Friday loves! I'm going to talk just a small amount about today's outfit, because I really want ya'll to know why I started blogging and to share a little bit about myself (you can read more below). But for today's look, I'm sharing this adorable embroidered bell sleeve top -- it even has the cutest bow details on the sleeves! Best part...it's been marked down to only $27! I was surprised myself and had to let you guys in on the details! I also want to mention that my jeans now come in a lighter wash (perfect for spring) and I'm telling you...these are sooooo much better than the Levi's brand! They're also under $80 and such great quality!

Why I Started Blogging:

A couple days a go, on my Instagram stories, I shared with you a comment from a follower that wanted to thank me for sharing affordable pieces rather than the $$$ more pricier ones they see from others. That then prompted me to share why I started my blog -- to help find those stylish and affordable items without the hassle.  I know, as a wife and a mom, we've had to be on a budget...and being a fashion blogger at that, yeah, it was certainly tough and can get a little tricky; but I've always used my resources to find cute and stylish pieces that are of good quality and budget friendly! I try my hardest to find things that may closely resemble the real deal, but sometimes you come across things that may be a "great deal", but the quality is a big thumbs down -- I don't want to do that to you guys! Anyway, what that follower said really hit home and reminded me why I started doing this in the first place! I've never thought of myself as the "super-casual-sneaker-wearing" kind of mom or the "overly-dressed-always-in-heels" kind of mom. I'm sort of in the middle and sometimes my style can change based on my mood. And with having our daughter so young, I didn't feel like I could fit either or. I mean, I was barely 20 years old, I was still figuring myself out (and still doing that, haha)! But, I needed to find my own place, with my own rules, and at an affordable cost -- and that's where my blog came in to play! It was my outlet to share my style! I've been blogging a good 4 years now, and it's been both an overwhelming and humbling experience. I can't tell you how much this rollercoaster has taught me and how it's helped me to want to help others! I LOVE when you guys ask me questions or for advice! Seriously! I can't thank ya'll enough for all the love and support you have shown me throughout this crazy journey! I'll continue to strive to share things that I know everyone can afford and can enjoy! Thank you again!

Courtney <3

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