A Weekend In Wilmington, NC

Oh goodness, it's been a while since I've last written a little travel post (which I still need to work on my PCB post *yikes*), but I'm sharing a taste in what my family and a couple of our good friends did while out on a quick trip to Wilmington, NC.

A little story behind the house we stayed at: It's located in the historical part of downtown Wilmington and was actually featured in a family movie; maybe you've heard of it, The Muppets in Space? Yes, it was in one of those movies. The first day and a half we were confused as to why there was so much muppet stuff around the 2nd floor, and we noticed that the only DVD at the house was The Muppets in Space movie. Our friend David made a comment about how the house looked similar to the one on a TMIS activity book and had showed us. Of course I'm going to Google it, and sure enough, it was the house used in the movie. It looked so much different back in the late 90's, but it's still kind of cool that it had some Hollywood history!

Find the house here

Ryleigh and I strolled down the street for a little bit to catch a glimpse of the pretty historic houses.

Of course, when I travel, I look to find local coffee shops in the area. I had found this hip coffee & dry goods place, Bespoke, and was mesmerized by their earthy and artistic aesthetic!

Every coffee shop that I go to I always order a non-fat latte. It's my go-to and it's delicious!

latte art makes me happy!

This really is a place ya'll need to check out, and was in walking distance from where we were staying.

We were all smiles heading to Wrightsville beach!
(get there early for parking, because it was a nightmare looking for one in the afternoon)

We also got to take a boat tour and learned a bit of history during our stay.

Ok, so I also LOVE crepes and this is by far the best place to get some yummy sweet and/or savory crepes! So I highly recommend Betsy's Crepes.

I had a parfait crepe and was literally the best breakfast ever! It combined two of my favorite things: crepes and parfaits! Yum!

Where else we ate:

What we'd love to do next time:

Where to eat/drink:
Reel Cafe (they have a rooftop bar!)

Nearby Beaches: