Virginia & D.C. Anniversary Trip...

Last weekend was mine and Justin's 5th year weddings anniversary! We have been together for a total of 7 years, plus the additional 6 months that we dated back in High School. But just a little background about us: We were both in marching band (he played trumpet and I was color guard) and we met during band camp (yes, I know, lol). We had dated for a little while my Sophomore, his Junior year, and it wasn't until after High School that we ran into each other at his best friends birthday party (which by the way, I didn't realize was his best friends party) so I was completely caught off guard when I saw Justin at the doorway! After that, we spent the rest of the night catching up with each other and in the end rekindled our relationship! So here's to many more years babe!

On to the trip:

Strasburg, VA
(Where we stayed)

We stayed at Hotel Strasburg in Strasburg, VA. Every room is decorated differently and since we visited during the holiday season, the inside lobby was decked out with Christmas decorations. Actually, the whole town was decorated, and there was a wreath on about every door! There's just something about small towns that make the holidays more charming!

outfit deets: puffer jacket || sweater || leggings || beanie

Around Shenandoah Valley
(Meems covered bridge & The Shenandoah Caverns)

Covered bridges are pretty rare to run in to, so when Justin pointed out on the map that Shenandoah had one (actually a few), we detoured and stopped at Meems Bridge before we headed to the Caverns. The only thing, I just wish I could have seen this in the fall! I can only imagine how gorgeous it is!

This is by-far one of my favorite things that we did during our trip! So if you're ever passing through Shenandoah, definitely stop to see the Caverns. It's amazing to know what literally lies beneath, haha!

Washington D.C.

On Saturday, despite the freezing cold & rain, we braved walking around the D.C. area. It was Justin's first time visiting so we had gotten up pretty early that day and walked to every single monument and memorial, along with a couple of museums along the way.

(this was obviously a tourist-y thing to do, because there were plenty of others doing the exact same thing, haha!

The last time I visited D.C., I didn't get to see the White House, so it was nice getting to see it with Justin for our first time together. They even had the National and State Christmas Trees put up in the park behind the White House and we were able to walk around and see how each one was decorated.


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