What's In My Purse

If you've seen my collection of handbags, you might call me the bag lady! Each one is unique in it's own way and holds a different purpose, which is why I want to give you an inside look at what I carry in my purse. Today's bag is from JEMMA. It's a smaller bag (good for busy mommies like me) and comes with a convenient crossbody strap. I usually don't carry a lot, mainly because I have a toddler in tow, and all I really need are my main necessities. So basically carrying my life, haha!
Keep reading to find out exactly what I'm carrying, and where to find them! :)

Though this bag maybe small, it still holds A LOT!

What's in my purse: Lipstick (usually about 2 or 3 shades), sunglasses, phone, wallet, business cards, perfume, and mascara.

I've been on a real sunglasses kick here recently, and I don't hate it one bit! Ever since I bought my first pair of Quay sunnies I've been stalking sites for their new styles. The ones pictured above are my all time fave, mainly because of its sleek style....and the fact that their pink & gold!

You can never carry around too many shades of lipstick! I'm very guilty about this, but, I actually used to carry around a little pouch that had all kinds of shades of lippies; you just never know which one might come in handy! These three are the main colors that I use frequently: MAC-Brave, MAC-Snob, YSL-Nude Beige

For me, it's always a good idea to keep business cards on hand. You just never know when you have to whip one (or two) out. Since my cards are square, it's hard to find a card holder that would fit them. Luckily, I had this MK card hold on hand. Still doesn't quite protect them like I'd like, but it definitely gets the job done at keeping them organized!

Ok, so these aren't technically in my purse, buuuut....I do carry around the bottle of nail polish that I'm wearing at the time. You know, just in case there's a touch up needed. So it's always a good idea to throw one in for those nail emergencies!

My favorite detail about this purse is the clasp at the top. So classic!

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