Charleston, SC City Guide

Good morning! So I have finally come to the last post from my Charleston trip 2 weeks ago (really, it's already been that long #wah!). I wanted to put together a city guide, and believe me I tried my hardest to get some great pictures to share with ya'll and document everything we did. There were times we were more caught up in the moment with sight-seeing that, I kind of forgot to snap a pic. Fortunately, I was able to get the majority of the places that we encountered! Enjoy!


Sugar Bakeshop --- This is the place you NEED to visit to satisfy your sweet tooth! It's a quaint stand alone shop that's literally within walking distance for Charleston residents (so jealous!). They serve all kinds of sweet goodies, but Justin and I went straight for the cupcakes! Justin had the almond cupcake while I tried their seasonal grapefruit cupcake. It was one of the best cupcakes I have ever eaten! It was garnished with sugar coated berries and in the middle was a yummy surprise filling.

Poogan's Porch --- Justin and I are not (let me repeat), NOT morning people, so I looked up brunch spots in the city and the first thing that popped up was Poogan's Porch. Their brunch menu is actually pretty large so for me I was having a hard time choosing what to eat, haha! I ended up getting Ike's Down Home Breakfast, but Justin got their famous shrimp and grits which I regretted not getting because there's a reason why they're famous---sooooo good!

Charleston City Market --- I enjoyed seeing local vendors, and you can find all sorts of things from handmade goods to even some commercial items. I especially loved seeing basket weavers and their many talents of forming the sweet grass into baskets, bowls, and even flowers. I even got Justin to buy me one of their woven sweet grass roses! He's so thoughtful ;)

Rainbow Row --- Of course you can't go to Charleston without visiting Rainbow Row. It's the most popular attraction on Bay Street featuring homes lined up in a multitude of colors! Each house has different themed windows and doors, perfectly decorated for every season; it really is one of the most beautiful sights to see. And if you followed me on SnapChat (Courteink) during our stay, I was literally just taking snaps of random houses and their porches!

Zero George Street Hotel --- I wish I had a better picture of the front so you could just see how big their porch is! (You can kind of see it from my previous post here). I really loved the view, inside and out, and the fact that the hotel amenities are kind of tucked away from the busy streets to give you a more intimate experience. So whether you want to stay here or even just to grab a bite at their cafe, this is one place to get side tracked at!

Taco Boy --- I'm a huge Mexican food lover and I saw some great reviews for this place, so I just had to experience it for myself. The food was great, but the drinks were even better, haha! Taco Boy definitely reminds me of a similar place here in Charlotte, but I would have to say that T.B. is #1 in my book for favorite Mexican restaurants!

(photo cred: breizh pan crepes)

Breizh Pan' Crepes --- Funny story, so Justin and I got up extra early on our last day and we had actually planned to go somewhere else for breakfast...turns out that the place had closed down, so we were just driving around until we found Breizh Pan' Crepes. I honestly wish I knew about this place first! They serve authentic French crepes, and not just the fruity kind, but also savory ones. I highly recommend this place for your breakfast needs!


Folly Beach --- We really wanted to make the most out of our weekend trip, so we decided to make a detour to Folly Beach. I had never been and had heard great things! It really isn't like the beaches we have in NC (or at least the ones I have been to). We ended up parking our car and rented bikes to go where ever we wanted to go. It was so much fun riding to one end of the beach to the other, making pit stops along the way.

Morris Island Lighthouse --- No we did not actually bike to Morris Island, but we did bike to the North side of FB to see the lighthouse. The sands were very white and fine, and just the landscaping of it all was gorgeous. We saw many people (even landscape photographers) taking photos of the waves crashing into the rocks or of wildlife. This is definitely a scenic view that you have to witness at least once in your life!

Rita's --- I feel like beaches tend to have fun and unique places to eat and I was so glad we took a pit stop, in between the 12 miles that we had biked, at Rita's Seaside Grille. I had ordered just a regular salad (with a strawberry mimosa on the side) and Justin had one of their burgers and seasoned fries. I was totally sneaking in on his french fries though, yummy!

Here is a list of a few more places that I recommend visiting:

-Lost Dog Cafe' (Folly Beach)
-The Crab Shacks (Folly Beach)
-The Rarebit (Charleston)
-Rutledge Cab Co. (North Charleston)
-Jeni's Ice Cream (Charleston)

-Shops at Belmond Charleston Place
-Shopping on Kings Street

-Waterfront Park (Charleston)
-Magnolia Plantation & Gardens (Charleston)
-Folly Beach County Park (Folly Beach)
-Angel Oak Tree (James Island)


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