Winter Pink

Firstly, let me congratulate our Carolina Panthers on the victory of the NFC Championship! It certainly is a good day to be a Carolinian, haha! Secondly, what about all this snow, or in our case more like ice?! It was a nice change for a bit but now it's time for it to melt away so I can get back to my normal routines!

Yes, I was crazy enough to stand out here in the heels, but I really wanted to share today's Valentine's Day outfit in a clear, crisp setting. I pretty much think I achieved that, lol! Anyway, you know me and pink (or anything pastel) and I couldn't help myself but find the perfect little midi skirt for the occasion. You don't see many skirts in winter, so I thought it would be fun to style it with a cowl-neck sweater and scarf for a more seasonally appropriate approach.

So, what are you and your significant other doing for Valentine's Day? Is it weird that Justin and I will be having dinner and seeing Dead Pool for V-Day? haha! Let me know below your plans!

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