The Best Vest with Tobi

Happy Hump Day! I'm so ready for the weekend already, mainly because all this cold weather is supposed to be over and done with by then and that I can finally get things back on track! It's hard to keep things organized and on a schedule when things, like the unpredictable weather, make it all disordered. It could be a control issue that I have, but I'm totally working on that, haha! This being said, I'm not very proud of today's pictures...when you have snow (ice) and nothing but Sun, it can distort the quality a bit (at least in my case it did). But you know what they say, "A post is better than no post!"

On to the outfit:
I've always loved a good fur vest and have worn them quite a bit here on the blog, so when I saw this from Tobi (c/o) I couldn't help myself...I mean it is PINK for crying out loud! You know when you see something online and you think, "Wow, that's so cute! I wonder if I could pull it off?" and then you're a little at war with yourself thinking that you can or that you can't? I totally had that moment, and went head on by taking the plunge at trying something different. It was so worth the debate in my head and it's been on total repeat this week! I paired it with my favorite go-to tunic (which it got completely ruined the next day after this was taken, #HUGEBUMMER) and leggings.

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