January Snaps

It's that time again---time for another Instagram round up! I had originally planned an outfit for today's post, but pictures from yesterday were pretty much painful looking. I mean, I looked freezing in every. single. shot! uuggghh! I hate the cold, and you will never hear me say, "Man I wish it was winter." If I do, it's a joke, don't take me seriously, haha! So instead, here's a recap of January's Insta snaps. I can definitely say that I've stepped up my game! ;) 

Don't forget, you can also shop the same and similar looks below:

I'm short and have a more "curvy" hip range, so it can be hard to find jeans that fit properly; that and I'm very picky about jeans. I found this pair (actual pair above) and it's like magic! They fit perfectly and are so comfy!

Pastels, pastels, pastels! I must have a thing for them because that's all I seem to be wearing lately, haha! My coat is currently on major sale for under $60!

My best days are when I'm at home, in bed, drinking coffee!

Like I said, I hate winter, so of course you'll find me picking spring flowers.

So yeah, that thing where I like to wear pastels: this tie front Wayf blouse is da BOMB!

There's only a few coffee shops that I know of that does pretty latte art, I wonder if they can teach me a thing or two?

Guys, this was the outfit I was going to originally post today, so cute and comfy! Perfect for cold days....just not below 30 degree days :/

Everyone needs a faux fur coat! Don't have one? Your welcome!

Ok, so I'm going to quit everything I'm doing and take up latte art and learn to bake french pastries, haha!

The softest poncho I own! Is it weird that I used it as a blanket the other day?

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