Playing With Plaid

I've had nothing but Fall on my mind, and with it getting closer and closer, my Fall wardrobe is getting a little bit bigger and bigger. It's safe to say that I'm ready to start piling on the layers and styling a few new trends. Till then, I'm sticking with the basics to any classic Fall ensemble...distressed jeans, booties, a comfy plaid flannel, and then finally topped off with a cute military vest.

Speaking of Fall outfits, I've been planning my trip to New York during NYFW! Eeek! I'll be attending the Reward Style party that Sunday, so then the rest of my time there I'll get to explore the city. I've been to NY a few times but I'm really excited and kind of curious to see how fashion is done in the Big Apple during this event, and by far interested in trying my hand at street style. Yup, this Dainty Darling is going street for a week lol!

If you're a brand or blogger that will be up in NY during that time, let me know! I'd love to meet up :)

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