Add Some Plaid

Hate to admit it but, I'm one of those people who frequently change through out the day...and yesterday was a perfect example. I'm sure we've all had a similar story, so here's mine: I got up to get ready, did my usual routine, had one of those rare great hair days, got all dressed cute with my favorite striped tunic and leopard pumps, and then the weather was drizzling outside. Just looking at the rain made my hair automatically frizz. I'm thinking to myself, "Of course this would happen on a perfectly good hair day!"
Well thankfully the rain stopped. There was still a good over cast but I still felt the need to kick off the heels and trade in my tunic top for a comfy tee. It was just what I needed and I'm glad I did end up changing because I spent most of my day in the car running errands and taking Ryleigh to her swim lessons.
I also just want to point out that if you had read my previous post "Three Ways To Wear Plaid", you learned three universal ways to style it for the Fall season. Well make today's outfit number four, haha! Just wrap it around your waist for an edgier look, or you could slip it on in replacement of a jacket.
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