3 Ways to Wear Your Gingham!

I've been on the look out recently for any kind of button up that is gingham. So far I have it in tan, yellow, and navy blue! I'm now looking for two other colors in pink and lime green (only in a perfect world because they're usually sold out in my size in J.Crew) *sigh* Though I never give up on my quests! So the search continues...
Till then I thought I'd blog about the 3 popular ways you can wear your gingham!
Here it is in a nutshell:
1. You can wear it over a less detailed shirt, to make your outfit come together.
2. Just wear it! That's it! You can never beat a classic :)
3. Under a pullover (my most personal fav!)

So there's the three ways! I'm sure there are more but these 3 stick out the most.

Yellow Gingham: Target
Grey Shirt: Target
Floral Scarf: Target
Gold Necklace: Target
Ripped Jeans&leggings: Love you back boutique

What's your favorite way to wear your gingham?

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