Ready, Aim, SEQUINS!

     We've seen tons of trends this season but there's two that really stand out in my mind...utility jackets and sequins (I mean A LOT of sequins lol). The utility jacket is getting it's return again this year, but of course we have to make it a little different and spice it up! "What if we just put the two together!?" & Voila! This pretty little number was created!

     I can't tell you how long I spent trying to find this jacket. I first began my search for it while on a pinterest find. I googled it like crazy and all that came up was or other UK web searches. I thought that was the end, the dreamiest jacket alive is somewhere across sea (because we all know how international shipping fees can get a little pricey).
     Suddenly I found it (in the US), though not the original, it was still good enough for me! All I had to do next was order and wait.

 Of course, getting this jacket seemed to be a little too much for the company to handle since they had a huge sale on sale, and I was just getting too impatient. As I painstakingly waited those 5 extra days added on to the original 3, I finally received my over due package.

It is so much prettier than imagined, so I guess I can let that little delay slide ;)

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