by Courtney Inkpen

Dainty Darling Presets Available...

Ya'll! It has happened--I FINALLY have my presets available for purchase!
I have received countless messages about how I edit my photos & I can now proudly say that I have created a preset for all to use to get my aesthetic!

Dainty Darling Preset (MAIN): Features a brightened look with a slightly cooler tone, that'll enhance the naturalness of your photo! This is my main preset that I use, for all editing purposes, that'll give me a cohesive look throughout my social media & blogging channels.

Dainty Darling Preset (AIRY): Features a lightly brightened look with a soft matte finish for a more delicate & moodier tone.

see more presets by clicking on the 'TDD PRESETS' tab at the top of the website

I'm so so happy about this, & will be creating a few more this week to post up for purchase!

shop my presets

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