by Courtney Inkpen

Celebrating 100K + My Tips & Goals For Blogging...

It has been a whirlwind week & during this time I hit a huge goal of mine that, honestly, I thought would take a million years to get--buuut it happened! I hit 100,000 on Instagram & I couldn't be more humbled & over joyed! 

I know that it sounds silly but, to me, my blog & social media growth has been 5 years in the making. So of course this is kinda a big deal, haha!
But for today's blog post, I want to share what got me into blogging, some advice/tips that I've learned, and my goals for this year!

I shared a little bit of why I started my blog in a previous post HERE, but I'd like to talk more about what really prompted the whole thing:
I've always loved styling my outfits and I even distinctly remembering, back in high-school, a peer of mine saying that she's never seen me wear the same thing twice. Which was pretty true. I'd style a lot of the same things differently to create a whole new look that was different from the first time I wore it. Back then, blogging or taking pictures of my outfits were never on my mind.
Fast forward years later and when I was pregnant with Ryleigh, I didn't necessarily eat the right things or take care of myself. It was a rough pregnancy & I was hungry--ALL THE TIME! I missed being able to wear cute things & wear normal shoes, haha!
After Ry was born, I was determined to get back to taking care of myself. After months of long hard work, I did! That's when I started getting more into shopping online & at boutiques. I was also working part time at a boutique in the earlier years & started taking my daily 'outfit of the days' then. I was posting my #OOTD on Instagram first but, when I started to grow, I needed a more concrete place to talk more about it & to link the product for those who were inquiring about my outfit details. That's when I discovered the blogging community. It was fairly small then compared to now, that's for sure!

I've learned so much from these last 5 years, & there's SO much I could get into. But I'm going to try & keep it short so I don't bore you with the details, haha! If you're new to blogging, the main thing I have to say is to stay consistent with your content. It's going to be hard at first, but you'll be amazed at how much you can grow if you continually post and engage with your followers/readers. 

Stick with your brand! New collaboration inquiries are pretty fun & exciting to get, but it's OK to say 'no' if you feel that it doesn't fit your brand/aesthetic. I'll admit at the beginning, I was taking on collaborations that I didn't feel fit me or my brand, & that would leave me with this unsettling feeling like I wasn't being true to myself or my readers. I think as a blogger, we're all going to do that in the beginning because we're trying to learn what our brand is, but as you get more experience & develop your blog, trust your gut & stay on brand! Today, I'll get many emails from brands for collaborations, & I'll find only a very select few that I'll want to collaborate with. So don't be afraid to say no if you feel like it's not the right fit. Remember, 'Quality over Quantity'.

Finally, have fun! This is a time to be creative & explore different visual aspects to push the boundaries on your brand! I love being able to create content like that; some of my best posts were the ones where I was relaxed & having fun. 
I know that there are days where it's difficult to get those creative juices flowing because of stress, or lack of inspiration; & that's where I say it's OK to take a break every now & then. Take some time off so your mind can rest & refresh!

2019 GOALS:
Already, 2 of my goals have already been met! The first was to hit 100K, but I guess I can now raise that number to 200K by the end of the year, haha! Another goal I met was to attend my first ever rewardStyle Conference. I haven't gone yet, but I just got the invitation last week & bought my ticket to attend in April! I was so friggin excited, because this had been a long term goal for me & it finally happened! YAY!
On a more serious note: my goals for this year is to really be more organized with receipts/invoices, keeping track of mileage, and any other expense that goes towards the blog. My husband downloaded a mileage tracker app on my phone that automatically logs in my miles from point A to point B & then calculates the mileage expense for it. I use this app for when I have to go pick up supplies, go to blogger events, or to take photos.

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