by Courtney Inkpen

Dainty Travels: Tallulah Falls, Lake Rabun, Black Rock Mountain, Lakemont GA...

Ok guys, the moment you all have been waiting for! Today I'm sharing mine & Justin's quick trip to the Georgia Mountains!

We hear a lot about the the North Carolina & Tennessee Mountains (and more up North), but we never really hear much about the mountains in Georgia. Now, what I've seen is only a taste of what their mountains-scapes have to offer, and I'm kind of surprised I haven't visited them more often!

Where we stayed was in a small town in Lakemont, GA right off of Lake Rabun. And, easy enough, the place that we stayed at is called the Lake Rabun Hotel & Restaurant. Nestled up on a small hill covered in colorful trees is the Lake Rabun Hotel that transports you into a quaint environment that is filled with nature feels and rustic charm! We stayed in the Andreae's Room which included its own personal fireplace, cozy down pillows & comforter, and white washed wood walls in the bathroom. We absolutely loved it, and felt as if we were in our own little cabin! Out in the halls you'll see so many wood furnishings and also a little area that include complimentary coffee/tea & cookies! Also (this is probably one of the best perks) it offers a complimentary gourmet breakfast! Yes! We had a delicious breakfast burrito filled with eggs, cheese, and sausage, and was then paired with hickory bacon and a fruit parfait! Y'all, this is not your standard hotel breakfast! I would have taken a picture, but I was too busy chowing down on it, haha! We came up the first week in November and was perfect timing too because it was peek season! Since we live in South Carolina, our trees started turning pretty late into the season, and November was looking like a peak time. So I highly suggest, if you're wanting to visit in the fall, book your stay the first week or two in November. 

access of front deck on the second floor

the coziest lobby I ever did see 

Lake Rabun Hotel Pavilion  & view of Lake Rabun

enjoying my first cup of coffee on the deck


Justin & I love scenic views, and we needed a change of scenery from the North Carolina Mountains, so we took a quick trip Tallulah Falls Gorge State Park! Now this is a sight that you HAVE to see!
It showcases the amazing work that God has created with multiple waterfalls and draped with the colors of fall! There is a swaying bridge that takes you over the gorge and gives you a 360 view of the gorge that surrounds you! 

To get to the bridge: we took the North Rim Trail and followed the signs to overlook 2 & 3. You'll see a sign as you keep walking that there are stairs that'll take you down to the bridge...all 310 steps of them! Yup! Instead of walking completely across to the South Rim Trail, we turned back around and hiked back up our original path to get to the other overlooks. To be fair, if we took the South Rim, we would have ended up climbing even MORE stairs, haha! 

There is another overlook to Hurricane Falls, that's a path under the bridge that takes you closer to the water, but was closed off due to dangerous water levels (so unfortunately, we didn't make that one).


this view is from overlook 1 and you can see oceana falls.
also, when you get to the top, there's a fun fact about one of the tight-rope walkers that walked across the gorge!

l'eau d'or falls at overlook 3
Not pictured are overlooks 4 & 5 (those overlook the dam)


Visiting Black Rock Mountain was a last minute stop before we headed home. I remember looking this up on Google maps one time, and thankfully I remembered it! I recommend visiting around this time of year, because the drive was beautiful! You'll drive up scenic winding roads that are covered in  leaves! There's also an overlook that is probably one of the best that I have seen yet! The Blue Ridge Overlook gives you a panoramic view of the mountain tops, valleys below, and the miles beyond! And, of course, seeing it in the fall is seriously the best!

scenic overlooks from the blue ridge & black rock overlooks 

There's many trails to walk and camping grounds at Black Rock Mountain, and there's even a lake at the bottom that has a .8 mile trail that wraps around it. Justin & I walked around it and saw the many creeks that run into the lake.

The area is small and you have to drive to different towns to get to any other restaurants, and the main town that offers more places to eat is in Clayton, GA (about a 10-15 min drive) and then there's a couple other joints that are in Lakemont and Tiger, but the majority is in Clayton. Driving down, we had lunch at, a very one-of-a-kind place called, Goats On The Roof. Literally, there are goats on the roof! You can grab a quick bite to eat, have some ice cream (or fudge), and then feed the goats! Justin & I both had burgers and OH-MY were they good! You can read more about their locally grown menu here. After, Justin really wanted to try their nitro ice cream, which is made fresh and in front of you with (you guessed it) liquid nitrogen. We ended our little detour with feeding the goats, and they have different crane operations and platforms that make feeding them a breeze!

Justin & I popped some popcorn and watched the Haunting in Hill House for our first night (we wanted to stay in after our hiking trip). The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel, but for lunch we stopped at The Open Door at Alley's Ol' Store that's right in Lakemont's Historic Village.

The Open Door at Alley's Ol' Store 

Goats on the roof


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