by Courtney Inkpen

Amazon Holiday Gift Guide for Him...

When it comes to holiday shopping for my husband, sometimes I feel as if it's impossible! He already has everything he needs (or wanted) and he's not so much into clothes or specialty items, so yeah, it's a struggle for me, haha! But after doing some thorough digging, I've found a few things that he'd actually like (and use)! So for today's post I included some gift suggestions for the guy that seems impossible to shop for! I also made sure they were all off of Amazon, because what guy doesn't love Amazon!? Plus, it makes shopping SO much more easier!

Burgundy Henley - If your guy isn't much of a shopper for clothes, and likes to keep his style minimalistic, then this henley is perfect! It also comes in multiple colors too!

Oakley Gascan Sunglasses - This is the one thing my husband can get behind--sunglasses. He wears them all the time! So why not make it more special by getting him a pair that's well known and great quality. Justin owned a pair and wore them for over 5 years. Definitely good money spent.

Drone - Guys love their gadgets, and a drone is a pretty cool thing to fly! Even I'm fascinated by it! With this one, he can connect it to his phone and see where he's flying.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - We all know the struggle of tangled headphones, and if your guy is a runner or constant traveler, these might just come in handy!

Gloves with touch screen capability - Winter's coming! Yup and you know what that means--glove season. If you know for a fact your guy wears gloves, but he doesn't own a pair that is touch screen sensitive, then definitely grab a pair that does. He'll thank you for it!

Adidas Hat (or any baseball cap) - I personally will be snagging this hat for Justin! He has a lot of logo caps, and I feel like he'll need one that will be versatile enough to go with whatever he wears. So, if your beau is a cap wearer like mine, then get him one that goes with his style. Plus, if he's a sports fan, it's always easy to get one with a logo of his favorite sports team!

Magnetic Wristband for Screws - OK, this is pretty genius! My hubs has gotten into woodworking lately, and has even built our front porch bench and rustic style coffee table for our loft upstairs. There's been a couple of instances where he's needed to switch screw heads while building. So this is perfect for the handyman in your life.

Cards Against Humanity - Even though this is a gift for him, this will also be a fun gift for everyone else (adults only of course)!

NFL Grilling Tools - This is perfect for the guy who is a big sports fan, and also loves to grill at the tailgate!

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker - Again, another genius gift! Justin loves making breakfast sandwiches, and this will come in handy for his morning before he leaves for work. It'll also make cleaning up more of a breeze!

Old School Nintendo - This game console features a handful of classic vintage games. Who doesn't love going down memory lane!?

Amazon Fire Stick - From personal experience, this is all we use -- on every single one of our TV's. We own Netflix, Hulu, & have an Amazon Prime account, so this has replaced our cable! It collects all those apps and puts it into a single HDMI stick. You can also download other apps in the fire stick to give you more tv watching options.

I've also created a page FILLED with more gift ideas for you guy (HERE)

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