by Courtney Inkpen

Hotel Review: The Mills House, Charleston, SC...

Have you ever been to Charleston, SC? If so, you may have passed a pretty pink building riding down Meeting St. or just to simply take an aesthetically pleasing photo with it's southern charmed architecture and palm landscape --- I know I have! Well, that building is The Mills House Hotel, and I finally got the chance to stay at this fabulous boutique hotel that I've always been so intrigued with! Just wait till you see the inside!

Of course I had to get a picture of myself with the famous building! This side of the street is on Queens St. and it is lined with a gorgeous pink back drop with high doors, windows, and tall palm trees!

Honestly, this hotel is in the perfect prime location in downtown Charleston. It's pretty much an easy walk to all the popular areas and eateries that you want to check out and visit; it's also a great place to walk out and start exploring what the area has to offer (so definitely bring a camera)!

The inside is absolutely gorgeous! Right once you walk in at the front, you'll see a beautiful chandelier and double staircase that takes you up to the floor with a few meeting/conference halls. 

side note: (and I thought this was pretty cool) but, a few weeks ago I watched the Netflix movie 'Naked' with Marlon Wayans, and the movie took place in Charleston where the lead actor wakes up in their elevator over & over again in a continuous time loop, and I remember seeing the stair case and the lobby in the movie and got all excited about seeing it in person! It was a pretty cool thing to see and to actually get the chance to stay at a place that was was cool for me, haha!

The walls and floors are kept pretty clean & simple, but then they use furniture and decor to really make the areas of the hotel POP! You'll see bright colors of turquoise and orange all over the lobby, including splashes of your favorite palm greenery!

Checking in & out were an absolute breeze, and all the staff were super friendly & helpful!

It's like every corner you turn, you get to see a pretty chandelier! This is what you see when entering/exiting the elevators.

Loved the room! The color scheme is so calming and was perfect to see after a long walk around downtown. Because, let's face it, you're going to be doing a lot of walking!

In the mornings, you can grab coffee and relax on their courtyard area that's located right on the hotel's side. It's very convenient and easy to get to!

Of course we can't forget about the pool! We're in the low country here, so it's going to be hot, hot, hot! I enjoyed taking a quick dip in the pool during a low day, and it even has a lower patio level where there are plenty of chairs to lay out on, if you're not a big swimmer ;)

-Outdoor Pool
-Fitness Center
-Fast Wifi
-Valet Parking
-Event Spacing
-Lounge Area
-The Barbadoes Room Restaurant

-Parking deck right behind the hotel, includes hotel ramp on the 4th floor of the parking level for easy luggage moving
-Easy check in/check out
-Walking distance from many Charleston attractions & eateries
-Kid Friendly

I highly recommend staying here if you're ever wanting to truly explore and get the Charleston experience!

*special thank you everyone at The Mills House for letting me stay at their establishment*

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