by Courtney Inkpen

How I Edit My Photos For Instagram...

Hey everyone!
If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember that I showed you a couple of edited photos that I had done on my Instagram story. I got so many questions about what filter or preset I used, which then led me asking if ya'll wanted to see how I go about editing my photos -- the response was huge, so that's what I'm going to show you today. My secret...I do not use presets. I edit all of my photos on my own through the handy-dandy Lightroom CC app. There are two versions of LR: the desktop (which I use for my blog photos) and the app version (what I use for my IG photos). Both pretty much do the same job, except the desktop does have a few more features than the app; otherwise, still the same thing. Below I created a 13 minute video (yeah it takes a while to edit my photos), to show you kind of what I go through when editing. I do apologize, I'm not really good at explaining things, so bear with me. If you can't stand how I am talking (I don't blame you), please enjoy the before and after photos below! Those are much more fun to look at :)

This photo was SO much fun to edit! The ways are endless and I couldn't decide which edit I loved the most -- so I ended up posting both of the finished products! The right is the original shot and was captured with a reddish-orange tone. So to correct the coloring, I played around with the red, green, and blue tone curve to balance it out (center photo). The left, I had a little fun and added a blue matte finish for an edgier look!

With the above before & after, the before photo on the right was taken in the middle of the day, poolside, and came out more greenish-blue. I played around with the color tone curve to bring out the natural colors in the photo, and the end result with the after photo on the right!

This was just a simple brightening and to make the colors stand out more.

The original before photo on the right came out darker and more on the warm side. I cooled the photo down and decreased the yellow saturation to make the walls behind me stand out brighter and cleaner looking.

Another simple brightening technique

The original photo came out a little hazy, so I  brightened to photo, decreased some shadow, and adjusted the clarity and dehaze to make us stand out more. I also had to selectively brighten our faces since it was so shadowed.

I hope you enjoyed my edits!
If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or you can DM me on IG or email me :)

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