by Courtney Inkpen

My Trip To Greece Pt. 2: Mykonos...

Happy Friday everyone!
Today concludes my trip to Greece, because our last stop was to the island, Mykonos!
During our stay here, we were wanting this to be a stop where we could relax a little bit more and just wing everything we wanted to do. Everything is pretty much in walking distance, so there is nothing to really stop you from doing whatever you wanted to do!

The windmills!

When we were planning our trip for Greece, I knew the one place I wanted to go to and that was to Mykonos to see the windmills! 

Little Venice

This alley way drops off onto some rocky shores where you can climb down and get a really, really good view of the windmills and the city of Mykonos.

There are many small churches located everywhere around the island. This one is located near Little Venice.

We grabbed a late lunch at this picturesque spot: Marco Pollo!

I LOVE GYROS (pronounced: gear-o's), but I never had french fries stuffed into one! Ya'll, if you're ever in Mykonos, stop by The Snack Bar to get ya one! So good! 

I mean, when you're on vacation, ya gotta drink a little, haha!
Funny story: we had a window seat while sipping on our drinks and there were pigeons hanging around by the window sill trying to steal our peanuts. One almost got inside, but thankfully we already devoured ours before they could get them!

Of course we spent a lot of our time around Mykonos downtown and Little Venice. Also, we ate at different places every breakfast, lunch, and dinner during our stay. My favorite had to be Sugar & Salt and The Snack Bar! There are also plenty of places to grab drinks, so we stopped at Rhapsody for a couple of cocktails.

It was nothing but sunshine the entire time during our stay on the Island. It was absolutely gorgeous!

We had rented a tiny convertible Fiat 500 to explore the island and go beach hopping. Of course the water was too cold to get into, but we just wanted to see all the pretty beaches and crystal clear waters!

Jacuzzi Time!

We stayed at the Semeli Hotel and our room was facing towards the ocean and city. Our room was so nice and it even had a private jacuzzi hot tube on our balcony! I mean, come on, how relaxing is that!? The hotel also had two pools; the main one which also had a hot tube connected to it, and then a more secluded heated pool (which is where we went, lol).

So many beautiful (and instagrammable) places!

Shop what I wore during our Mykonos trip:

And to close out my Greece Trip, I've created a recap video of our trip to both Athens and Mykonos. Warning, it is a little sappy because I also created this video for my husband; so there may be some PDA and cheesy, cliche moments, haha!

What to see:
-Little Venice (has tones of shopping and eateries)
-Downtown Mykonos (has tons of shopping and eateries)
-Paradise Beach (party beach with bars)
-Fokos Beach (more secluded)
-The windmills 
-Armenistis Lighthouse (go here to watch the sunset)

Where to eat/drink:
Honestly, there are SO many places to eat on the island! Here are a few that we went to:
-The Snack Bar
-Rhapsody (bar)
-Marco Pollo
-Salt & Sugar
-Rouvera Cafe
-Trio Bambini (gelato)

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