by Courtney Inkpen

Stripes With Versona...

Ok, ok, so it's obvious that my stripe obsession is real, and after today's post I will back off on stripes for a while, haha! But today I wanted to share with you this top that showcases this seasons latest trends from Versona: stripes, ruffles, and embroidery. Yup, all piled into one cute spring top! I always love working with Versona because they carry some really stylish clothing options & accessories at affordable prices (which I'm highly all for!). I did, however, go a different route with the stripes--instead of blue & white, I went with red & white! Red is something you'll RARELY find me wearing, but recently I've been driven more to the color. I guess we shall see what the season brings!

Also, I wanted to point out a few other of my favorites from their site so that you can get a good look into what they carry:

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