by Courtney Inkpen

7 Spiritual Songs To Lift Your Spirits...

I'm the one that loves songs with a good beat and relatable lyrics. I love it when I can feel the emotion within the song and how I can relate it back to myself -- especially when it comes to the harder parts in my life. I'm no different than anyone else that faces problems, whether it be family, marriage, or work. Of course I also face those unneccessary worries and anxieties of 'the little things'. I can get so stuck in my own head, that it distracts me from the things that are important. And when things get like that, I have to mentally pull myself away from my mind and refocus: to God. When I need answers I go to my Bible. When I need an instant spiritual lift, I go to music. There's something about listening to the words and meaning behind the song. It's hearing the passion in the singers voice that speaks so much truth and relatability to the things we face in our day to day.

Today's post is different than from what I usually post, but I want to be able to open up to you more about my faith in Jesus. Through out the difficult seasons that I have overcome, I have always turned to music to worship and praise His name. It also helps me feel so much better to know that, we as a society, are not alone and that we need to lean on God to help us navigate through this world.

With that being said, I wanted to share my top 7 (get it?) spiritual songs that has helped lift my spirit  through every challenge, and to let this be a positive post for someone who maybe going through a rough season themselves:

7 Spiritual Songs To Life Your Spirits

When You Feel Like You’ve Hit The Bottom:
‘I’ll Find You’ (feat. Tori Kelly) - Lecrae

This song! -- about every time I feel like I've hit rock bottom, this is the song I'm blasting. I especially listened to it as of recently (last December/January) and it hit home! It's a song to remind us that we need to lean to God and pray, even in our darkest days. This song is a good reminder that we need to take our fears and turn it into faith, and take our pain and turn it into strength.
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When You Feel Insecure:
‘Every Bit of Lovely’ - Jamie Grace

This is such a positive song for everyone! I know we live in the age of social media and can sometimes find ourselves comparing us to others, but just know that God made you an original and you're 'Every Bit of Lovely!'

When Things Are Out Of Your Control:
‘Beyond Me’ - Toby Mac

TobyMac has got to be my favorite Christian artists. He sings so much truth that can relate to every generation. This song explains that a lot of things that we want in life are beyond our control and that we need to rely on Him to get us there. Sometimes the journey that He takes us to get there is hard and that we need to stand strong in our faith in Him and learn from the journey.
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When You Need A Reminder:
‘Lose My Soul’ (feat. Kirk Frankline & Mandisa) - Toby Mac

Ok, so I remember hearing this song back when I was in High School. I've always thought it was a pretty cool song and so different than the usual songs you hear on the Christian radio. It wasn't until maybe a few years back that I found this song again and really listened to the lyrics. We can get so swept away in this world and forget Who we need to focus on.
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When You’re Having Worry or Doubt:
‘Right On Time’ (feat. Toby Mac) - Aaron Cole

I just recently found Aaron Cole and have really loved this song and his song 'Do What I Gotta Do' (HERE). His style incorporates hip-hop and pop which I find pretty cool and it definitely makes him stand out. This song is very upbeat and sets as a reminder that we should not worry because everything is in God's timing.

When You Feel Alone:
‘You’ll Never Be Along’ - Capital Kings

I really do love upbeat songs that are still filled with meaning! I know that sometimes we tend to surround ourselves in our emotions and feel as if we're the only ones that feel that way, but we're not. We're not alone!

When We Need A Change:
‘Change The World' (feat. Hollyn) -- Derek Minor

With everything that's been going on in the world, we need to work together and love one another. This song really helps explain that!

Ok, make it like 8 because I decided to add this song just for fun! :)
'Kerosene' -- MDSN

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