I've always had an interest in fashion, though many times before, I didn't know that I would actually want to pursue it as a career. After having a baby and carrying the weight that came with it and then being able to lose it is when I really started applying myself to the clothes I bought. I didn't want to buy and wear clothes, I wanted dress up in it! In the words of Kate Spade, "Playing dress up begins at age 5 and never truly ends." Ain't that the truth! I was really taking advantage of how I dressed before and now I'm obsessed!


I have created the Best Online Boutique List (below) for those who are wanting to expand their style:

Red Dress Boutique


ASOS: www.us.asos.com
{This isn't really a boutique, but it really is one of my favorite online shops! This is where I'm able to find unique and one of a kind pieces that you aren't able to find in big brand retailers.}

SHOPTIQUES: www.shoptiques.com
{This is probably going to be your #1 destination for cute boutique items! This website carries MULTIPLE boutiques and has so many different clothing pieces to choose from! Definitely check this site out.}

DYNAMITE CLOTHING: www.dynamiteclothing.com

UOIONLINE: http://uoionline.com/collections/frontpage

HAZEL & OLIVE: https://www.hazelandolive.com/collections/new-arrivals

DAINTY HOOLIGAN: http://daintyhooligan.com/collections/new-arrivals

{This site is vintage inspired, but there's always something that catches my eye that I just have to have; it's clearly a unique site for that unique piece for your closet!}

Hope this list helps! Let your fashionista be your guide ;)

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