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The Round Bag With EBAY...

7:10:00 AM

It has been a little over a week since my NYFW excursion, and I've seen a lot of fashionable trends that are easy to incorporate into everyday style. But what can either make or break an outfit, is the bag! Going to shows and events, I've seen small bags, large totes, handbags with metal details, and bags of different shapes and structures. The one style that I did see (and can ultimately get on board with) is the round cross body! When browsing a selection of in-style bags on eBay, I was super impressed, and found that I was able to 'Buy it Now' with the majority of bags shown! I stumbled upon this edgy little round cross body, and it had all the feels of a fashionable/trendy bag that I would have loved to carry during fashion week. The metal detail gave it character too! So happy that I can now include this bag to my collection and to add some edge to my fall outfits this season!

So what are some of this seasons stylish bags and what to expect next?
-transparent bags (perfect for football season!)
-faux fur detail (i.e. leopard print)

Shopping eBay has come a long way in making buying easier than ever and, if you didn't know, 81% of its merchandise is brand new and available with the 'Buy it Now' option! They also offer daily deals to take advantage of!

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*thank you to eBay for sponsoring this post

Hotel Review: YOTEL NYC...

7:18:00 AM

Happy Monday guys!
Today I'm talking about my stay and experience with YOTEL, during my trip for NYFW.

Here you'll find touchscreen check-ins that makes the check-in process run super smoothly and helps make mission control less crowded and busy, so that they can be at better service to you during your stay.

Now this is the most genius thing I've ever witnessed! They have a robot (aka YOBOT) that stores your luggage if you happen to arrive before check-in time. It was such a lifesaver for me since I flew in and arrived at the hotel before 1:30 and had a meeting event at 2. I stored my bags with YOBOT and was able to create a secure password, that only I knew, to retrieve my bags when it was time to check in.

(photo credit: YOTEL)

A room with a view!

I need coffee first thing in the morning! So I got dressed and rode the elevator down to their club lounge for a latte and croissant. I also ended up chatting with one of the baristas about the whole Nicki Minaj & Cardi B was a great conversation, lol.

Yotel is definitely something unique! As soon as you walk in, you get the first class experience that you deserve! Inspired by luxury first class aircraft, this hotel gives you a futuristic feel and experience  that makes your stay anything but ordinary. With your stay, your 'cabin' makes things easily accessible and adaptable. Not only is Yotel a place for a great night's sleep, it's also features areas that are great for socializing!

First impressions may start right at the front door, but nothing beats walking into a clean room with a view! I stayed in the Premium Queen Cabin with a view, and I was so taken back by it all! I don't even know where to begin, because there's just so many positives to talk about with the room. First, there's the view: I love it when I wake up, and the first thing I see is the city and it's streets! There's just something so serene about a gorgeous view that makes my stay even more enjoyable. Secondly, there's the bed: now, you can't have the right enjoyable stay without a good night's sleep, and a comfortable bed can make a huge difference! Cool thing is, is that they have smart beds that can adjust the position with a touch of a button, to make for a comfortable sleeping (or work) space. Thirdly, I'd like to talk about the shower: I took a shower the first day, after a long day of being on an airplane and then heading straight to a NYFW party, and I was super impressed by the rainfall shower-head! I felt instantly relaxed, and was probably one of the best showers I've ever taken, lol!

Overall, the room features adjustable colored lights around the entertainment center, outlets galore, and convenient areas to work and hang your clothes. Yotel designed the rooms in mind for the ultimate use of innovative space to make your stay easier and enjoyable!

This hotel definitely has a lot to offer, and it doesn't stop short at just fast reliable wifi, an accessible gym, laundry service. Let's just say that it features amenities such as easy touch-screen check-ins in the lobby, cocktails on their breath taking terrace, club lounge that offers great coffee and snacks, and their YOBOT that conveniently stores your luggage if you arrive before check-in time! Also, they have Mission Control (aka front desk) that can give you the information to what ever help you may need.

There's three places to eat/drink inside YOTEL:
-Green Fig Restaurant (offers a unique cuisine for both breakfast, brunch, and dinner)
-Club Lounge (which offers coffee, sodas, snacks, and breakfast muffins)
-The Terrace (offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, apps and cocktails)

The plus at staying at YOTEL? You're pretty much smack dab in the middle of NYC where you are conveniently located to popular sights, attractions, and eateries! If you don't mind walking, you're also in walking distance to places like Times Square, Broadway, Bryant Park, and Chelsea Piers!

You can also catch a cab and head your way to Central Park, 9/11 Memorial, Battery Park, SOHO, and you can also hop onto a ferry to see The Statue of Liberty. There's so much to do in NYC and so many different places to eat and grab coffee!

Book your stay at YOTEL here!

*huge thank you to everyone at YOTEL for accommodating my stay*

My NYFW Look #1...

5:21:00 PM

As you guys know, I had the opportunity to take on NYC during Fashion Week this past weekend! It was such a blast, and something that I'm certainly most grateful that I got to do. I've been to "fashion week" before a few years ago, not to any shows or after parties, but this time around -- I got the full experience! I will go into more details later with a separate post, but today I just wanted to highlight one of my NYFW looks: this striped tie front dress!
I was invited by Kittenish to see their show on Monday night, but before I went, I was having a hard time figuring out what to wear. Unfortunately, I didn't pack appropriately for the unexpected weather and ended up hopping into my Uber and had him take me to 34th St. to do some shopping. I honestly went down there to buy an umbrella at Target, but then made my way around the area to H&M, Macy's, & Manhattan Mall. I felt that I needed something else to wear to this event, and ultimately ended up having a hard time deciding between two dresses. I had my readers/followers on Instagram take a poll on which one I should get...the result: this striped cutie of a dress! And it was on sale too!
I felt that it was super flattering and appropriate to wear, and it also styled well with my utility jacket that I had brought along with me. I love the fall colored stripes, and of course, the tie front detail on the side of my hip. 
It was such a great night getting to hang with my gal Grace at the event, and (an added plus) getting to meet Jessie James Decker IRL! Aaah, how cool is that!?

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Transitional Yellow Top + The Softest Jeans EVER...

9:19:00 PM

yellow button front top (just $29!) || the most comfortable jeans (size down) || similar perforated booties HERE & HERE || double hoop earrings || similar coin necklace

Hey guys!
Today I wanted to share this pre-fall look that I wore to brunch last Saturday to catch up with the bff. Turns out, we showed up wearing the same kind of color scheme (not planning of course): yellow top, dark jeans, & booties. A lady that saw us asked if we worked at the same place because of the coordinating color combos we had going on...that's what happens when we're pretty much the same person I guess, haha! Any who, I have to point out that this cutie of a yellow top, features bold button front details and is only $29! I couldn't believe it either! I absolutely love this top because it's created in a bright happy color, but is the perfect shade to transition into fall.  I also want to point out my jeans...they're LIFE! No seriously, they almost feel like pajama bottoms because they're that soft! I do suggest sizing down since it's made out of a super stretchy material. :)

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Last Minute Travel to Asheville, NC...

8:09:00 AM
Happy Friday everyone!
So today I wanted to share with you, a last minute trip to Asheville, NC with me and the family in tow! We had am easy going trip for the weekend and hung around the local areas of downtown Asheville, and then headed towards Lake Lure & Chimney Rock for some mountain-esque down time. The sights were amazing -- and so was our stay at Crowne Plaza Resort!

But none of this would have been possible if it weren't for Last Minute Travel!
I tend to be a last minute traveler myself, and hate having the hassel of searching for good deals for hotels, but thankfully I was contacted by Last Minute Travel to see just how easy their services are when it comes to booking hotels! It's an absolute breeze!

Scroll below to read about our stay and trip, and to see just how easy it is to use (and save) with Last Minute Travel:

We spent the weekend at the Crowne Plaza Resort, and it was probably the most convenient place to stay because it's minutes to downtown and has a lot of amenities to offer! 

Settling in and already taking it easy!

We were able to spend a late afternoon by the pool, which is one of Ryleigh's favorite things to do -- swim!

There's tons to do in Asheville! From local eats and shops, to near by historic buildings and mountain trails in the Blue Ridge.

We walked around downtown Asheville and enjoyed a stop to a local coffee shop to enjoy a cool (or in my case, hot) drink. We eventually made our way to a popular lunch spot, Corner Kitchen, for a delicious burger! Yummm! There's also a lot of foot traffic in that area, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes while you make your way from shop to shop! 

If you're wanting to step out of the hustle and bustle and tap into nature, you can always take a day trip to Chimney Rock, The Pisgah National Forest, or even hike a trail in the Blue Ridge Parkway! We ended up spending the day at Chimney Rock & Lake Lure. We definitely enjoyed some family time seeing the scenery from down below, and then making our way down to the river that's located just outside of the C.R. entrance.

We had such a great experience and travel to Asheville, NC and would love to visit again soon!

Where to stay: 
-Crowne Plaza Resort

Where to eat:
-Corner Kitchen
-High 5 Coffee
-White Duck Taco Shop
-Wicked Weed Brewing Pub
-Twisted Laurel

What to do:
-The Biltmore
-Biltmore Village (shops)
-Downtown Asheville (shops/eateries)
-Take A Pub Cycle Tour
-Explore different Breweries
-Pisgah National Forest
-Blue Ridge Parkway
-Chimney Rock (day trip)

So if you're like me, and get the sudden urge for a weekend getaway - whether it's local or further away - you want to be sure that you're getting what you're looking for in a hotel/flight/cruise/etc. all while at the same time saving some costs. They offer discounts and other deals for your hotel accommodations. They also have the Last Minute Travel Club which provides extra benefits on hotels, and even has a point system that can earn you future travel stays! To join, it is $50, BUT if you use my promotional code: COURTNEYBFF the fee is waived and you get to join the membership for free! See more details on their membership HERE