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Blue Stripe Wrap Dress...

9:30:00 AM

blue stripe wrap dress (c/o) || white wrap sandals (c/o) || round straw bag (sold out; similar one here) || small pendant layered necklace || similar pearl studs

Hi loves! Hope you're enjoying your morning --- I know I'm excited because each day is closer to our upcoming vacay to Greece! Aaaah! Anyway, I wanted to share a cute spring dress from Dainty Hooligan that I'm pretty sure ya'll are going to love! You know I clearly have a sweet spot for stripes this season, so of course I found myself continually coming back to this dress. I also love that it's made out of a linen fabric and wraps around the waist to create a feminine tulip skirt. So, so cute! Plus these white heels pair so perfectly with it and helps bring out the white stripes in the dress.  This look is great for a vacay at the beach or walking around a picturesque historic town, and you can even swap out the heels for some dressier flat sandals if you plan on walking a lot!

If you like what you see on their website, use code 'DAINTYCOURTNEY' for 10% off!

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The Perfect Yellow Sundress...

8:23:00 AM

Hello Tuesday, I hope you all had a lovely weekend! It was absolutely gorgeous here in the Carolina's, and the way I took advantage of it was a day trip last Friday to Charleston, SC with the bestie to grab some good food and sight see a little bit around town. There is so much to see there that we ended up seeing parts of town that I never got to see before --- it's always so refreshing!
Also, this past Saturday was St. Patty's Day and it was so nice spending a low key night cooking out with our friends and just enjoying time connecting by the bonfire --- plus, Ryleigh found herself surrounded by our friend's doggies and just having a ball playing with them. She was truly in her element! 

On to the outfit: so since this weather has been nothing but freezing and/or rainy, we finally had a nice weekend and I wanted to wear something that I'd be able to enjoy the sunshine in! This yellow bow back sundress is just absolutely perfect for that! It has an adorable open back that features a bow tied back to help cinch up the waist for a more snug fit. Also, if you're still looking for an Easter dress that won't break the bank, I highly recommend this one --- it's under $60! I was actually very surprised with the price since it's from a brand that can get pretty pricey. I'm 5' 1/2" and wearing an xs for reference.

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10 Things About Me...

6:50:00 AM

Hey everyone! So I wanted to share a personal, yet still fun, post with y'all by sharing '10 Things About Me'! I feel like I don't tell y'all too much about my personal life, so I thought I'd share a few important things that make me, ME!


1.  I'm an introvert on the outside, but an extrovert on the inside: yep, this one is a little complicated. I wasn't always like this ---when I was a kid I was all kinds of extrovert (I mean, I talked and played around so much that it got me in trouble a lot in elementary school), but of course, the more older I got, the more insecure and reserved I became. It's been such an inner battle for me for the longest time, and it is often quite frustrating because I feel like I am meant to be more outgoing on the outside, agh! But I'm honestly a lot of fun and easy going to be around once you get to know me!


2. I love to sing! --- I kid you not, when I was in Kindergarten I wanted to be a singer when I grew up. Fast forward some years later, obviously that hasn't happen...yet, haha! But I do still have my love for singing! I love to sing to so many songs; and the shower and my car is my sound booth! I'll practice new pitches to strengthen my voice every now and then. Heck, I was seriously considering trying out for The Voice or something, haha...but then I caught what ever weird cold was going around and lost my voice for like two months, so that ship has sailed lol.

3. Justin & I had Ryleigh pretty young --- This is one I've always been so nervous to talk about on social media. (I'm literally taking a deep breath right now) If you've ever wondered why I don't share a lot from our wedding, it's because it was a quick one. Ryleigh was not planned, but ultimately she is the best thing that has happened to us and honestly, she's just a really awesome kid! I guess, sometimes I feel like I have a hard time relating to a lot of people or bloggers that are around my age because I did things so differently at such a young age.


4. I love to volunteer! --- About 6 months ago I started volunteering at my church as a campus photographer and it has been such a blessing to witness and capture special moments of baptisms and capturing peoples love for the Lord! I've found myself tearing up at times feeling so full that I was able to help capture and share such personal and special experiences! Yesterday, I just signed up to do some more volunteer work within my community, and I'm so very excited about it! I've always felt that God put a special desire in me to want to help others, and since He has blessed me to make blogging my full time career, I can now give back my time to those in need in the community! Later this week I'll be prepping and cleaning a home for a family in need with my church :)

5. My blog started as a hobby --- I've told this story in person quite a few times to others, but I don't think I've ever actually stated it in my blog (sorry about that!). So after loosing the baby weight I started getting more interested in clothing. I took two years off from work to raise Ry and then started back to work part-time at a boutique. I loved getting motivated to dress up and look cute for work, and so I started putting it on my Instagram; without even knowing that fashion blogging was just getting started during that time. So I would take a picture of my outfit and post it onto Instagram, then I started seeing what was happening and decided to start putting my outfits on a blog. I would continue to do this and it's been a little over 4 years now!

(back in the dayyyyy)

6. My husband and I met at band camp --- everyone loves this story, maybe because it's funny that we actually did meet during band camp and reminds them of American Pie, haha! But it's totally not like that! It was my sophomore, his junior year: Justin played the trumpet and I was on color guard (and I loved every bit of it, haha!). We had a week of band camp to practice our routines and we actually met towards the end of the week during our lunch break. He was also my first boyfriend! We dated for 6 months and broke up on Valentine's Day (yeah, we're romantic like that, lol) but then two years later, my friends and I ended up crashing his best friends birthday party (which I had no idea of), and that's when we connected back again! And the rest is history! :D

(oh em gee, we're babies!)

7. I was never really in to sports, but I did try a few hobbies and activities outside of school. I was a Girl Scout for a few years, I rode horses competitively, I ice skated competitively, I took a few art classes, I tried gymnastics for a brief moment, I was on color guard, I took theatre classes (in and out of school), and I sang in a few chorus concerts during H.S. I also have a hidden talent for cake decorating, and have made it a tradition to bake and decorate a cake for Ryleigh on her birthday! Here's what last year's cake was decorated as:

8. I have a deep desire to travel --- Even though I don't go very far, I LOVE to travel! Even if it's just to the beach or to the mountains, I love planning a quick trip somewhere! I love looking up different things to do and unique places to eat! If I'm traveling, I want to get the best out of it and enjoy what the area has to offer.


9. I'm super short, 5'1/2" to be exact. I'm just barely over 5 feet tall. I think when people meet me, they don't expect me to be so short, but that's just how I am, haha! I have always been the shortest in my class or in my circle of friends; I even remember someone in 4th grade calling me 'short-fry' and I got so offended by it, haha! I laugh about it now and honestly love that I'm a shorty!

10. I absolutely love watching movies from the 80's and 90's! To me, those are the best kinds of movies because they're just entertaining to watch! Nowadays, the movie has to have an obvious moral to the story or to make a statement....I just want to watch a movie that's fun and creative to watch and to laugh! I always enjoy watching 'Can't Buy Me Love' or 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'. I even find it more interesting to watch all the 'Back To The Future' movies now because they're set in our present day and it's just all kinds of wrong, haha! (I'm still waiting on that pizza zapper machine that they had in the second film!)

Thanks for reading!

Yellow Crop Top + My Favorite White Shorts...

6:28:00 AM

During my trip to Hilton Head, there was one good day where the weather was absolutely gorgeous -- a little windy, but still gorgeous enough to wear some spring clothes! I had actually worn this yellow crop top with my go-to jeans from free people during our catamaran trip to the wine festival, but wanted to switch it up in today's post by styling the top with my espadrille wedges and new favorite white shorts! Seriously ya'll, these shorts are everything and more! I was a little hesitant at first because I was worried that the distressing made them look too short, but I was wrong! They worked out perfectly, but they do run big so I definitely suggest going the next size down. Anyways, I've got a few other tops planned that I think will look super cute with these white denim cut-offs -- now if only it could stay warmer than 65 degrees!

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My Sonesta Resort at HHI Hotel Review...

7:45:00 AM
Hey everyone and happy Thursday! As you may have known, this past weekend I stayed at the Sonesta Resort at Hilton Head! It was such a nice quick getaway and even spent the day hitting up some local wine tastings at the Wine & Food Festival that was held on Saturday.
Today I'm sharing my full hotel review for you guys, and I promise that you won't be disappointed:

lemon pajama set (only $20!) 

 Such a wonderful and peaceful view! There are plenty of places outside to sit, lounge, and soak up the sun! Also, when it gets chilly at night, they light up the fire pits for everyone to enjoy!

swim suit (similar one here & here) || similar distressed shorts  

Had so much fun hanging with these lovely gals at the Hilton Head Wine & Food Festival! Guys, we took a catamaran ride to the event, and it was such a cool experience!
Definitely give these girlies a follow: kc_doubletake & mrsbbg_

That sunset though!

The Room: 
There's just something about entering a hotel room that makes the trip even more exciting! I know back at home, sometimes things can get a little messy (especially with a 5 year old), so it's always great getting to settle in in a clean room, haha! The room we stayed in had a balcony facing the pond and fountain. The bathroom was so clean and light, and had amazing lighting! They even left monogram hand towels of our initials on the little rail by the sink! It's the little things that make the stay so much more relaxing and enjoyable!

There's so much to do at this resort! There's two pools, the main one that sits in the middle of the resort where you can find multiple places to sit, a wading fountain area, and a pool-side mini bar! Yes, margaritas sitting poolside!  The second pool sits under one of the hotel wings, it also has an attached jacuzzi and adorable cabanas to sit and enjoy the sunshine!

If you're like me and enjoy a massage whenever you can, you're in luck! They have an AMAZING spa! The last time I was here, I was able to enjoy one of their signature massages---it was heaven!

They also have onsite bike rentals! I would have loved to rent a bike, but unfortunately the weather wasn't cooperating for that. For sure next time though!

There's also more with their amenities, if you'd like to check out more CLICK HERE to head to their website.

There's 4 places to get your 'dine on'! Heyward's, Seacrest Terrace, Bayley's Bar (lobby area), and Sweet Cane Bar & Grill (pool side)---oh, and you're room if you'd like to eat there instead! We definitely took advantage of having room service and ate a ton of food for breakfast! I'm always a fan of the granola parfait. At Hayward's, you can enjoy a nice evening dinner with your family and/or friends and enjoy steak, seafood, and other delicious favorites that are featured on the menu. See more info when you CLICK HERE.

Other Perks:
Perk numero uno - you're on the beach! You can literally walk out of the resort, pass the pool, and onto the beach! It's so so close, and of course they have showering amenities to make rinsing off the sand more accessible.

Perk numero dos - you're on an island! If you know anything about Hilton Head, you know that there is so much to do there too! Being at the resort, you are close to all the local shopping centers and other family fun activities to do on the island!

Huge thank you to management and the staff for everything thing ya'll have done, and for making the stay so accommodating!