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Splurge vs. Save...

Today I'm sharing something a little different, something I've never done before, and something I should have done a long time ago --- a Splurge vs. Save post! The idea has always been in the back of my mind, but it always got stuck on the back burner and forgotten. Well thankfully this time I remembered (only because I've been soooo on top of everything this week, haha) and 'Ta-Da!' my favorite splurges and saves! Now granted, we know that this is not all the splurges and saves out there, but it doesn't hurt to share a few popular items that have been trending the internet and to help find their identical saving partners!

1) SPLURGE: Steve Madden Knotty Sneakers > SAVE: Target Bow Knot Sneakers

  • There are only a few slight differences between the two --- material and the heel end of the shoe --- you're going to get better quality and wear out of the SM brand. But on the other hand, and you are not necessarily rough when it comes to wearing shoes, the Target brand can be a more budget friendly shoe to add to your collection!

2) SPLURGE: Sole Society Leopard Scarf > SAVE: Old Navy Leopard Scarf

  • Not a huge difference in price range, but half the price is still half the price. Materials on both scarves are different, patterns are of a small difference, and the Sole Society scarf is slightly longer than that of the ON version. The ON leopard scarf is currently 25% at check out, so there's a plus!

3) SPLURGE: Lisi Lerch Gold Tassel Earrings > SAVE: BaubleBar PiƱata Earrings

  • So I actually own the Lisi Lerch ones, before I knew of BaubleBar. Both brands feature their tassel earrings in multiple colors for the occasion! The BaubleBar earrings are a bit lighter than the Lisi Lerch.

4) SPLURGE: Givenchy Antigona Satchel > SAVE: Sole Society Mikayla Satchel

  • The biggest Splurge>Save evaaaah! The SS Mikayla bag is the perfect Givenchy dupe! It features the same silhouette as the designer brand and includes a cross body strap for a more convenient wear. About the only thing missing is that Givenchy logo!



Wrap Front Sweater...

You know I'm all about that sweater life, and I'm so happy to have found this cute little wrap front sweater! Want to know a secret!? I'm actually holding the two front pieces together with a safety pin to give it more of an off the shoulder look, and I'm obsessed with how it turned out! I simply styled it with my new favorite super destroyed jeans (which I'm really excited to share them with you because they're only $35!) and nude heels.

I'm keeping today's post short because I've got a lot of outfit planning to do in the next couple of days, but I will be preparing posts of lots of cute Winter/Spring outfits for ya'll soon! And on Friday, I'll be posting a Splurge vs. Save post, and I think ya'll are going to be impressed with some of the saves! ;)

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The Softest Sweater You'll Own...

I wore this outfit for a date night out with Justin this past weekend, and I just had to brag about how soft this sweater is! I don't know if ya'll have been noticing this type of textured sweater recently, but I'm all about this boucle material! It hasn't been very cold in the Queen City, so this was the perfect lightweight top to wear to dinner and a movie. This sweater also comes in 4 other colors that will transition nicely into the spring season. But the best part: it's just $25 and available in all sizes! I'm wearing an XS for reference.

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Winter Ruffles...

Can there be anything cuter than a sweater with ruffled sleeves? I didn't think so! It's been so hard to find cute sweaters lately due to winter sales, but i was able to pick out this particular sweater that I've had my sights on for a couple months now. I love ruffles, and I love how it's now being incorporated more into winter fashion than just spring or summer. Plus the fact that the ruffles are on the sleeves makes this sweater very unique! I decided to go with a dressed up casual look with jeans and black OTK boots (mine are from Target but sold out; you can see a similar pair here). I was originally debating on wearing it with white jeans and grey boots, but decided against it since I think I've seen it styled that way a few times with the sweater. 

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What To Wear During A Snow Day...

North Carolina just recently had a snow storm this past Saturday and I'll be honest with ya'll, I have the hardest time dressing for winter. It's just sooo cold! So the fact that I was actually prepared for this snow day was surprising to say the least, haha! I don't like wearing huge coats or over stuffed puffer jackets, so this lightweight one was a no brainer and perfect for all the snowy fun we had! I also kept my noggin warm with this oversized chunky knit pom beanie, which made the whole outfit by the way. It's only $18 and comes in 13 colors, so I don't think it can get any better than that! And of course, you can have a snow day outfit without a warm pair of Uggs. Mine are from 3 years ago, but you can always style them with the original.

Speaking of having a hard time dressing for winter, me and a few other bloggers are going to be flying up to Indiana next weekend, and like I've said before, I have no clue what to wear during the winter. And let's not forget about having to pack 3-4 winter outfits on a carry-on, #yikes! Either I'm going to have to make it work or me and Brit are going to have to split a big bag for all our jackets and shoes (mainly shoes), lol. But more of my packing struggles to come!

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puffer jacket || knit pom beanie || Uggs {old, but can't beat the original} || similar white jeans